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  1. LauritaC

    Current Acne

    After two accutane attempts, ACNE is back...
  2. I babysit, and I've had few kids going like "woahhh! what are those red things all over your face" hehe I just say allergies because then I have to explain to them that one day they will most likely have that too... would be mean to tell them that lol Sometimes I just let their comment pass by, but sometimes when I am so self conscious about my skin, it kinda hurts my feelings knowing that that is the first thing people notice when they see you...
  3. LauritaC

    Life with make up...

  4. LauritaC

    Accutane 2008

    Four years later, two accutane attempts, and IT is back :(
  5. Haven't been on this site since my skin cleared up a bit... two accutane attempts, one liver biopsy, several treatments to see what the heck is causing my acne.... Recently started birth control because I have been told it's most likely a hormonal unbalance... Cut shellfish to see if it may be an allergic reaction towards it.... So many things I've done/tried, still faithful it will go away... :(

  6. good luck ! i tried all of that but nothing worked for me.. right now accutane is making my skin look better, all i have left is red scars from past break outs, but i havent break out for already 2 months!! but all the organisms have different reactions, i hope ur skin reacts well towards ur new regimen!!!
  7. i use a regular dove soap bar (only use it on my face) or also clinique mousse hydro-demaquillante both of them are good, but i like the dove bar better
  8. go on with accutane... its gets a little worst at the begining but u will see great results later on! i know its hard to wait few months because we all want to see our face cleared in a second, unfortunately it requires time. im also sure those thoughts arent because of accutane, but because of the acne. dont lose hope!!! im sure in a few months u will be glad u went through the tane... u will be happy right now all i have is the red scars from the past breakouts , but they will eventually fade.
  9. well i started the treatment because a family member told me how it worked for one of her friends, i got pretty excited because i thought that would be my cure !!! but u know many people have tried so many things that work, that doesnt work in other people... i didnt notice any change, it just got even more oily, and more break outs were coming out... i was losing hope, so i decided to start accutane in a minimun dossage because my liver rates were really high... and so far my skin is clean and
  10. i believe once u stop accutane it doesnt mean you are completely over with acne, so dont start eating or putting stuff on your face that will make your skin break out again... take care of your face like u never had acne, because later on u might start developing the oil once again... mayb the urine therapy works for certain people.. it didnt work for me... i never found it disgusting, always new urine was helpful for a lot of illnesses, plus its our own urine... good luck to all of u !!!
  11. urine therapy didnt work for me... tried it about 2 months..it got worst. started accutane, everything got better
  12. i can see the progress !!! its looking good !!! im sure everything will go away soon!!! btw u are really handsome
  13. yea i understand.. i was a little bit nervous at the begining... it took a lot of time for me to start accutane cuz of my lives problems, now im on a minimun dosage(20mg) and so far its working good... not too many side effects =] just a little dryness and muscle aches... try it!!! u wont regret it!!!

  14. hello! thanks for th comment on my photograph. hope your accutane goes well, hopefully you're seeing results soon if you haven't already. hooray! good luck! fi