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  1. I never had any blood taken before being prescribed birth control. Blood pressure, yes. Blood, no. ! xxxx
  2. Although I use Dianette for my face, rather than my back, I have found it really successful in reducing the amount, and severity of my Acne. I still have very mild acne, and sometimes it can flare up, but on the whole Dianette has seriously improved my skin in the past eight months. Since using Dianette, I have experienced no side effects. I suffered from really heavy periods and menstrual pain prior to my prescription, and now not only is my skin improving, I have seen vast improvements in the
  3. I can't really agree to everything said here to be completely honest. Acne isn't brought on solely by being a teenager, i mean for me it is definitely heriditary if not caused by stress. Also this doesn't really cater for people who have acne after their teens, which is more common than you may think, or why even adults get acne. I fail to see what is so bad about wanting to treat acne if it is something that bothers you. Yes, I spend money on products to keep my skin clean, but that is just p
  4. As low as you feel, the people that are true to you will never love you less because of your skin. This goes for family, friends etc. Having acne makes you no more inferior than somebody with perfect skin. And its easier said than believed but acne does not define the type of person you are. People are more likely to be attracted to your personality and talents, rather than hang around with somebody completely spot-free who has the personality of a rock. Ok, your skin isn't the greatest, but
  5. I'm sorry you feel so, so low. I think we've all had good days, and some very, very bad days. I'm 17 too, and I feel so sad to know the majority of my teen years, a time where I should still be enjoying my last ounce of 'childhood' happily, has been spoiled by a paranoia and depression about my skin. But I know that if I keep fighting, and keep sticking to my regimen, and finding a medication that works for me I'll know the past 6 years haven't been the greatest and the next six years will b
  6. When you suffer with acne the last thing you want to be talking about/thinking about is the acne itself. For me its like some immediate reponse triggered by acne talk that makes me suddenly very irritated and very anti at a person when they dare to mention it. I've had so many occasions of people either mentioning acne or trying to provide solutions. Little kids especially, i've had a few instances where little kids have thought I had chicken pox or some sort of disease. Overhearing a person in
  7. If only I lived in the US. ( Even though I am still a noob. xx
  8. I've got exams too. I know exactly what I need to do to revise...its just a case of doing it. Heh. I will. Eventually. ;] I've got just the two psychology, which isn't too bad. Plus I have loads of time to retake in summer too, so i'm trying not to stress. :]
  9. Just wondering if anybody is similar or has experienced the same on this one. Over the past few years, I have felt far more rock bottom about my acne than I have at any other point. I seem to avoid people a lot more than I used to, and it plays on my mind more than it did in the earlier days. Now, i've recently developed a major paranoia about my weight. Its almost as though if i'm being controlled by my acne, controlling my weight is something I can do to make my appearance that little better
  10. Lanki


    With Dianette i'm finishing my second packet tomorrow, and its working a lot better than the Zineryt I was on. Not to mention its far more practical than the Oxytetracycline I was originally prescribed. I think its improving my skin all over, however I need to start the regimen to really keep my skin at bay. Its time to spend the last of my Xmas money on skincare stuff!
  11. I can totally empathise with how that must have felt. Mothers can be a strange breed at times, before I went to the Doctors my mother was convinced I had poor hygeine and it was my 'dirtiness' that caused my spots. She would stand there for at least half an hour and make me continuously wash my face. Ironically as an OCD sufferer myself (I saw somebody else mention this too) I already have a very strict cleaning pattern, and I physically cannot calm down if there is a single thing out of place i