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  1. Hello. I finished my accutane journey 6 months ago. I was advised that if I wanted to have a laser procedure I should wait at least 6 months. My skin after the pill was left with very light scarring but alot of red marks from acne. I've tried AHA,BHA,natural oils,vitamin c but they are still there after a year or so. I decided to get a laser procedure since I believe it's the fastest way to see true results. So my question is: Is the infini rf laser worth it? Is it more for deep scarring? Will i
  2. Greetings. I did a 10 months course of accutane and I'm left with persistent red marks and a bit of scaring. I decided I want to get a fractional laser session and I was wondering how long I'd have to wait to get it done. Last pill was early March so it's been almost 4 months already. Am I good to go, or should I wait longer?