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  1. Hi Zen Garden, thanks for the response :clap: . I have consulted a derm about the marks and i even asked them about doing microderm abrasion and I was told that it would nt be a good outcome because of keyloiding, a characteristic of african american skin. What d u think?
  2. Whats Up All, Josh here, I am an acne survivor if you will. No longer do i break out with pimples on a pattern like basis maybe 1 or 2 every 2-3 months if that. Now being a survivor of acne from harsh facial treatment from my mom when i was younger (she use to scrub my face w/a rag and a bar of soap) to break outs all throughout junior high and highschool and some in college, I have been left with some dark marks where pimples use to be which distinguish my damaged
  3. Thanks kelsie, You know whats funny I have actually heard of people with oily skin stop using moisturizers all together. The thing that makes the whole issue ironic is, this: Before I watched a documentary called "Food Matters" I was undoubted to follow the advice of doctors of any practice but after watching that video, I have learned that doctors pocket books are padded by pharmaceutical companies and companies that make their products. I bring this up because I was t
  4. Hi All, I hope everyone is doing fine. I wanted to get some help with my super oily skin. You see my nose is the most oily part of my face. I dont have current pimples on my nose but the oily skin makes it appear that what looks like to be pimples are always gonna be there. I ve been informed about peppermint oil which didnt really work on me i regard to managing my oily skin. Any suggestions? Thanks, Josh
  5. Hi Everyone, Since I could remember around the time of middle school til now, I m 27 now; my skin has been super oily. For a while I was washing my face multiple time a day until reading and from self experience of my face getting even more oily. I ve tried accutance, Yeah my skin was less oily while taking it but the long term affects arent good so I stopped using it. Since my on setting of oily skin different facial care company have come out with oil absorbent sheets which
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. I ll be sure to give it a shot.
  7. Hi Everyone, Can any of you can recommend a good product of Facial mask I can use weekly to maintain my skin and improve oilyness. I have oily skin so please keep that in mind before any recommendations, Thanks-Josh
  8. Hey Everyone, I m going to be going on a road trip to st louis on wednesday night. I ll be on the road allllllll day thursday which means I wont have the luxury of running water when I ll need it to wash my face properly with the DKR. Any advice from anyone who could help as far as what to use to keep my face clean would be GREAT! Thanks-Josh
  9. Hey Everyone, My skin is still doing well, with the every so often blemish pop up. Good news has it though, that the AHA lotion can help in that department. Problem!!!!!!! How do i use the AHA in the regimen? Do I use it as a spot treatment or do I smooth it over my entire face? Thanks-Josh
  10. Hi Brandy, Yes I do wear glasses sometimes. Thanks for the confirmation, I m about to buy some AHA right now! those dang zits are annoying. I m on vacation from work and dont go back for a week so thats spares me sometime. Thanks Again-Josh :clap:
  11. Hi Everyone, This ll be about the third week of using the DKR and I saw results just about as fast as I started using it but now in my third week I m a little confused because my problems areas are: my cheek area on both sides, the area between my eyes and my hair line on both sides and under my neck. I have been applying the BP in all those place just as directed in the directions and the video and now I have three......(well two now 1 is shinking) really bad zits, the wor
  12. Green Tea thanks for your assistance! :clap: I will take your advice and be patient Thanks Brandy for your response and advice :dance: I ve actually been to a dermatologist and was referred not to do a chemical peel or anything along the lines of one because I was told it would make my face worse but still. Thank You
  13. Hey everyone, Its me Josh. I just started the regimen a week ago and already see better results faster than with any other acne regimen I ve used. The one thing is though now that 90% of my acne is gone i see all the acne scaring and dark spots accumulated over the years. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good way to lighten these dark spot, they are in my cheek areas and lower jaw area where i use to have acne flare up. Oh by the way I am African American so let me rephra