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  1. Roaccutane journal 10mg /day I am 24, female, and have been struggling with chin/jawline acne. This is a week by week journal of my skin while on 10mg/day roaccutane. I am currently 3 months in and will update as I progress. Week 1 (ending 9/6/18): Slight lip dryness (dry from winter anyway-not sure if this is a side effect) No new breakouts Still lots of existing congestion under skin around chin area (large cystic as well as little bumps) Wee
  2. Hey! @PoeticKarate I’m really glad that this could be helpful! I am now on week 5 of roaccutane 10mg/day and still breaking out same as usual, I have been told by my derm that on this low dose I should see results after 12 weeks so fingers crossed. As for side effects my lips are a little dry but that’s it. When you were seeing your derm did she ever prescribe roaccutane or other drugs/topicals? I would be curious to hear what she recommended and what you have tried so far? As for
  3. I am 24 years old (female) and have been dealing with adult hormonal acne on my chin/jawline on and off since I was 19. I want to share my story and everything I tried so that I may help someone else who has the same type of acne as me. Reading forums on other people’s acne experience was a huge help for my mental health, it was comforting to know I wasn’t alone (not that I would wish this upon anyone) and it was helpful to learn about the failures and success stories of different acne treat