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  1. I saw somewhere on here with a link for a multi without vitamin A...so it does exist. Also another member has vitamins custom made without the A, but its expensive. I want to take a multi too, but like you i'm on the tane. I just supplement with vitamin c and e, and I eat way more fruits and vegtables to make sure I get enough vitamins and minerals...plus its good for you.
  2. geez man...relax, 5 days??? give it at least a month to kick in, maybe longer.
  3. hey night..... so you got clear after 5 months? I'm hoping for the same. Did you have alot of redmarks afterwards? if so did you do anything to treat them?
  4. i guess you could call my acne mild/moderate...cause its definately not severe, however my acne does leave marks that stick around for a while. I'm on about DAY 37 on my acne treatment. I decided to bite the bullet and go on accutane because the probable percentage of sucessfully killing my acne is fairly high. I didn't want to dilly dally with anti's, topicals, otc's, etc. So far my experience, like many has been up and down. I had an intial breakout the first 2 1/2 weeks apprx. And yes thos
  5. how about aloe vera gel for a night moisturizer?
  6. good topic peoples...I shave too...I use Mach3 blades, and Nivea Sensitive skin Shave gel and Nivea Sesitive Skin Aftershave Balm. I'm not sure if these products break me out, but they help to prevent irritation from the blades. I used to shave against the grain for a closer shave, but now I shave with the grain...it just means i have to shave more often, but it doesn't irritate my skin. I think rubbing alcohol can be used to disinfect the blades.
  7. i'm on a 80/80/80/40 mg dosing schedule. As far as everyone saying that skin is more sensitive while on accutane...I haven't noticed any extra sensitivty, whatsoever. And the redmarks are the same as if I weren't on accutane...only difference is there is more redmarks now, cause I have more acne. How about applying 100% aloe vera gel after cleansing at night? Will that help at all?
  8. hi, not sure what you mean by depressed indents?? If you mean like ice pick scars...then no. They are mainly red marks, left by acne that sometimes comes to a head, then dies down and turns into a red mark, sometimes small or bigger. sometimes if I pop a zit done properly, it doesn't leave a mark as bad as one that I didn't pop.
  9. this is my second month on accutane...every acne that accutane pushes out, leaves a redmark scar....the breakouts dont stop, so the redmarks just keeping adding to the collection of redmarks. I fear that by the time my treatment is over, my face will just be covered in literally hundreds of redmarks. What can I do or apply to help minimize the redmark scar factor? Yes I know time will heal them, but seriously...will anything help?
  10. hey, i've been to the bb.com forums...they're really good for info. I like the swoleV2 product, this is my second go around with it. I've set some personal bests with it. I tried phosphagen, but it sucked for me. I think I'm a creatine non-responder. anyways, I'm curious as to where you got your vitamins custom made? how much did it cost?
  11. what kind of creatine are you taking? I'm taking SwoleV2...I'm wondering if this has any extra effect on the kidneys and liver, than just plain monohydrate creatine.
  12. i'm on accutane right now...second month 80ngs. I used to take GNC multivitamin/mineral. I need it cause I work out pretty hard in the gym, and I lack the amount of veggies and fruit in my diet. It also contains vitamin A and beta-carotene (pro vitamin A) apprx. 10,000 iu in one daily dose (2 caplets). I know vitamin A supps arent good while on accutane, BUT...is this enough vitamin A to do me harm???? I need the other vitamins and minerals in the caplets.