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  1. I have Been taking Natures Own ALive multivitamin for a very long time, which contains iodine. I have read somewhere that acne can be casued by iodine so i stopped taking it. Well there was no improvement. After that i read about a women that did some different levels of iodine intakes and it did not affect her, so i am back on the multivitamin. You need to find a hihgly absorbing multivitamin. Centrum SUCKS. I only take 2 tablets versus 3 because i eart alot of fruits, etc.
  2. Water + baking soda . Works great and makes my skin baby smooth afterwards.
  3. Either you are applying too much like bane said or you are irritating it when applying. If you are varying your skin dry time before application, i would stay the same dry time. I know when i let me skin dry a little bit too much i have to rub harder to apply lotion or Differin and i can see that the skin gets reder.
  4. What about Purpose? or is that different?
  5. It is irritation and the fact that your skin is basically resting while you are sleeping. Since your body is resting, there are not alot of chemicals going thru. I really think that it only starts to get better after a couple of hours when your food supply runs out for the night and no chemicals are being digested.
  6. for me the sun did good for acne, but as my skin got whiter again it started to re-appear.
  7. To tell you the truth, i really have not payed much attention to my skin changing because i guess it hasnt. Probably because i am in great shape and eat lots of fruit (havent had fast food in years). I have only tried various products (Proactiv, acneFree, clean and clear, differin). Proactiv was my first one and it make my skin ebtter but overtime the skin got use to it. I stopped applying products and it got worse then it just gradually stayed there. I do think that these types of products c
  8. Been reading to only use it if your skin is dry. If i apply anything it gets abrosbed so fast i have to apply more than the suggested amount. I am going to be trying Applce Cider vinegar everyday (drinking) to see if it helps.
  9. I see some organic say with "Mother" and some without, whats the difference?
  10. Tell us the truth, do you touch your face alot? I know that i touch my face sometimes and i hate myself for it. Everytime i touch my face something pops up and it gets me angry, but i sometimes cant help it because it is a long habit that i am trying to eliminate. If you touch your face a little or alot you need to STOP.
  11. Its not too bad right now. It has calmed down alot since using Dermawand but i still get acne. I will probably say i have about 3-4 active and highly noticeable spots always.
  12. I am sure it will work, but to find out if it will work for you is to try it. Everyones skin is different and reacts to different treatments. I have alot of acne treatments, most of which are still full because they did not work.
  13. COuld you please include a link to it?