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  1. Week 2 (& a half) Okay well this has been an interesting week for me. I've been able to keep the diet until now so I'm still able to post results with some degree of hope. First of all, I want to remind you all that I had two problems I was battling with on my face: acne, and seborrheic dermatitis (which is rooted back to yeast so an anti-candida diet would make sense). Ever since I started using tea tree oil(anti-fungal?), the tiny bumps and scales have reduced considerably. Not perfect, b
  2. Week 1 Thanks for the encouragement, Randomstuffs261, I really appreciate it. Well, it has been one week since I began my new diet with the quick water fast. After that day that I was shaking and tremendously weak, I started feeling better and have felt great since. Basically, I have seen improvement in every area of my body except my face (figures -_-) In one week, this is what has happened: -I have virtually no body odor (and it used to be pretty strong for a girl). My breath doesn't smell,
  3. I'm currently using Mineral Hygienics. I've noticed it's relatively unknown, but it only has four ingredients, which is the least I've ever encountered. I don't think it breaks me out, and the coverage depends on how/how much you apply. It definitely has less coverage than some other powders but looks very very natural. The color choices are somewhat limited though. I keep using it because the finish is so natural, it doesn't feel like a mask, and it lasts forever despite my skin producing ton
  4. Well, I took your advice, TexMurphy01, and I exercised until I was drenched in sweat (I haven't done that in so long!). I felt really good afterwards! I felt energetic enough to start on a project I've been putting off for several weeks now, and I don't feel as depressed as I have been for the past few weeks. I'm quite surprised at how good I feel considering how I woke up today. My heart was beating ridiculously fast and I was weak and trembling. I haven't felt so sick in years, I could bar
  5. Day 2 I felt extremely weak today and didn't exercise at all I'm a bit afraid of the effect this will have on my body, as I'm already 98lbs. I think I'm gonna try to up the fat dosage and begin with at least moderate exercise. Today I had a mango for breakfast, then steamed broccoli and baked fish for lunch. I don't know if it's unhealthy to eat so little, but the rest of the food in my house is the type I'm supposed to stay away from. I live with my family, who are unsupportive of any type o
  6. Day 1 I began my day today with two hand picked mangoes. Then I had a spinach/tomato/lemon/sea salt salad with baked fish, and later on I had a bit of lentils cooked with onion and garlic. Before my last meal I took some milk thistle. Pretty simple right? I had the urge to just give it up since I've had no results with any diet I've ever tried..ever..but then I remembered this log and its really motivating me. (I would hate to admit I'm a quitter) As for my face, it still looks like crap. I'm
  7. I know that one of the side effects of accutane is unbearably dry lips. I've never been on accutane but I have had chronic dry lips. If I don't put anything on them, they will be red, cracked and peeling within 24 hours. There is only one thing that has worked for me and I only apply it twice a day. In the morning, after brushing my teeth and my lips are moist, I lightly exfoliate with my finger (emphasize lightly), then while they are still moist, I apply active manuka honey, and then a thin
  8. Thanks for sharing your results so far, TexMurphy01, that really gives me some encouragement. I think you're right about the exercise, there was this one time when I had to walk for 3 miles in Florida 38C weather, and even though I was drenched in sweat under makeup, my face looked radiant the next day. I do get SOME exercise weekly, but I have been tremendously discouraged lately. I think I'll add exercise to this log as well, I mean, if my face doesnt particularly benefit, I would hope that
  9. First of all I want to thank everyone that spends time here sharing and sympathizing with other acne sufferers. I'm on here quite often, though I haven't actually signed on in a few years, and I really appreciate all the ideas and incredible eagerness some of you have to help out. Since then, I've tried several more things to clear myself up (including an excruciatingly painful chemical peel), but my skin is the worst its ever been. EVER. I've been avoiding this log for years because I'm abou
  10. Lol I wish I had something good to say about it but I used it and It broke me out horribly and made my skin terrible, something im still trying to fix to this day and that was over a year ago. It also left me skintoneless...if thats a word my chest and neck is olived colored and Murad made my face pale but red. The only advice i can gove you is not to use it.
  11. Hey everyone, I havent posted anything in a while but for the past 7 months I have been religiously using NuCelle day and night. I'm pretty sure I have posted EVERYTHING I have tried before and so far Nucelle has worked OK. Nucelle had reduced my acne by about 50-60% but I still have moderate acne. It can be severe at times but most of the time its moderae and very persistent. I usually think its diet but I went for 3 months on a strict diet and my face was actually worse during that period of t
  12. I used it... It was horrible... Ruined my skin.
  13. When I began the regimen it was moderate with many redmarks and a few scars. Another thing about the nucelle is it diminished my redmarks as well as my scars. Acne not too much though.Now its still moderate and VERY persistent.
  14. No im not seeing a dermatologist. A while ago though maybe about 2 or 3 years ago I went to the doctor and she prescribed me differin, which made my acne really mild, to the point where i could stop wearing makeup but it didnt fully get rid of it and i stopped having the money for the prescription and appointment and the medication itself is pretty expensive. I've heard it takes a while for your skin to get used to a completely new regimen so im trying really hard to stick with this but i just d
  15. I mean like it feels better to the touch as in its not an oil slick anymore and feels smooth when i touch it but in the mirror its flaky and my acne well...last week out of nowhere after a really big breakout the right side of my face was completly clean. not one active spot. Then this week again i broke out...Idk i dont stop because sometimes it starts clearing up out of nowhere and i feel like its working but then i break out again...ahhh =[[