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  1. How are things now?it has been 3 years? How are things now?it has been 3 years
  2. It's been 2 years,how are things now?have you got rid of them?what was your regimen?
  3. The best acne treatment ever

    I generally don't write reviews,but this my aloe vera gel and i wont skip it. I was a victim of hormonal acne and it was worse,i went to a dermatologist and she prescribed clindamycin phosphatee gel and it did nothing,I tried for almost a year. Then I tried fuller's earth and still nothing. After lot of research,I started using aloe vera gel,for first 2-3 weeks no result,thought of leaving it,but waited for the tube to get over. And after 3 weeks,in a single night,my pimples shrin