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  1. Hey Guys, Last night, I did a GB/Liver flush and found that I didn't pass any stones. I've heard that to pass stones, one may have to repeat the procedure two weeks later. Any truth in this? Also, I got blood tests back from the dermatologist yesterday regarding the possibility of taking Accutane, and my liver functions were measured as excellent. So could this be why I'm not passing any stones? Thanks, Jason
  2. More estrogen = DHT dominant = more acne. But for some, it's beneficial because they have too much test and too little estrogen, that is the only reason why I know that extra estrogen helps some. But for me, anything containing estrogen gives me cystic acne and excessive white heads. It was soy milk before, it got worse slowly, then got excessively bad. Then flax seeds, first few days were okay, then it got bad, then really bad, then even worse than soy . Because flax has about 7x more phytoes
  3. Hey Guys, Has anyone here had any experience with leaving the BP on all night without moisturizing? Or do you moisturize, like the regimen? I've found it to be a great exfoliator if kept on all night, however, I do feel that my skin is more irritated in the morning....and dry. Thanks, Jason
  4. Hey Guys, Does anyone here ever wash off the apple cider vinegar after it dries? Then moisturize afterwards? I was wondering if the smell of it becomes noticeable, therefore, the idea to wash it off after use. Thanks, Jason
  5. Hey Guys, I'm Jason, 36, and suffering from acne. Without fail, I get hit with it towards the end of fall going into winter. This year, it's been the worst ever, and I've tried everything, apart from Accutane. I've taken blood tests to qualify for Accutane treatment, but I'd rather not use this regimen, if possible. From my experience so far, I'd say Benzoyl Peroxide has been my best bet, coupled with a honey/aspirin mask, and trips to the salt baths. Swimming/sauna/jacuzzi Bads are very b