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  1. Okay, now she sounds manipulative. Maybe she had "erotic" fantasies, but that other part is far fetched & sounds like a line. Most women just don't work like that, physically (we're not like men, getting random boners). Merely sitting near someone in a classroom isn't going to cut it. That point aside, what she said worked. Now you're totally ready to wait around for her and get involved in some little love triangle where you'll probably end up getting screwed in more ways than you'd like. W
  2. I have been off of hormonal birth control for over a year now. I switched to an IUD and am much happier all-around. But, I think some of my skin problems are still related to the hormonal birth control and will just take time to go away. I just really think that the birth control messed with my hormones. I have had other problems, like missed periods since not being on hormonal birth control so I feel there have been many side effects that may or may not go away. Hormonal birth control just didn
  3. hehe we, that have acne, even got strategies to not get "caught". Funny but sad at the same time.
  4. My brother used to have very very severe ingrown hairs on his face. He bled everytime he shaved. He had his hair lazered off and it too grew back. He didn't have the patches though. The thing that really sucks about it is how expensive that it is! The insurance wouldn't pay for his even though it was such a severe problem, they still label it as cosmetic which I don't agree with if it is causing you to bleed! I think you should demand your money back. Those are not good results. Figures they tol
  5. Someone in one of these threads mentioned that they won't be using certain products due to animal testing. I think most of us will be shocked (including myself!) at which companies-and how many of them-are still testing! I have two lists, one has some pics and info. It makes me sick to think that I own many of these products myself simply because I didn't know! Well, now I do! I also have a few websites about companies that do not test and you can search companies to see if they do. Also, just b