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  1. Ok thanks for the swift reply i shall reduce my Vit A to 5000 Ui first just in case.
  2. Hi guys, i was planning to be on Vit A 10000 UI and D3 2000 UI. Are those amount consider overdose.
  3. high amounts of vitamin a reduce sebum production just like accutane. Is there any side effect of high amount of vit A ? and how much is high amount ? thanks
  4. I haven taken any medication before. Just wondering any medication out there can reduce facial oil ?
  5. I am currently 26/M which has been an acne suffer since age of 14. Recently my there is alot of outbreak on my face and left alot of brown/red scar and some dent hole. I would say my acne would be from mild to moderate as weekly i would have around 1-5 acne and acne healed are slower than scar healed therefore alot of scar is formed. My skin is very oily too, normally after 1-2hrs, if i were to blot my skin, i would need 2 blotting paper. I would like to ask that base on the situation above, is
  6. I am having this problem that there is alot of tiny white thingy sticking at the side of my nose. May i know is it whitehead or dead skin ? How do i remove them as normally i will scrub with a cloth but they come back the next day... Thanks alot. something like this.
  7. i have a few acne once in a while. like 4-5 currently but small in size. All those acne will left me either with black, brown or red mark and also some with minor dent hole. Are those hyper pigmentation ?
  8. Too many scar thats why i need this serum to get rid of them. i am using cleanser but no aha. I heard too much aha is bad for skin as i am using bp already ?
  9. Currently my regimen is 1. toner 2. BP 3. jojobal oil. I wish to add in serum as part of my regimen so do i apply before or after BP.
  10. Hi all currently i am using Afican black soap... and it cause me to break out since week 1 till now which is around week 8. I wondering should i continue with this soap and turn back BP ? When i am using BP, my face is in pretty good condition with a few acne only but now with alot of mini bump on my face.
  11. Hi guys, i had been using this for past 2 week. Alot of whitehead had pop up all over my face and some are drying up and drop off. Just wondering is this the purging effect of it?
  12. Hi guys, i am currenlty 26/ male. I have super oily face which outbreak me with acne, white/black heads and left me with deep scar. Is there any oral medication which can help me reduce in oil that are produce.