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  1. hey i just wanted to drop in and say congratulations on your new baby. this thread has helped me immensely. i actually had stopped using nucelle all together because it made my skin too flakey but once again you have provided valuable information and i too will stick with 10%. thank you for contributing so much to this community. also, "The main thing I have learned is to listen to my skin. If it ever feels dry or slightly flakey, I will moisturise after cleansing and not use any NuCelle. For
  2. don't take pgx with other minerals or vitamins. you have to wait 2 hours i believe else you won't absorb them. IMO the only supplement that works for me is zinc in the form of l-optizinc.
  3. hmm this makes sense as why i feel nauseous when i don't have carbonated beverage how can i get my stomach ph back to normal? will it automatically adjust when i drop carbonated beverages?
  4. it seems glucose metabolism/insulin sensitivity is the new supplement target. have you tried pgx/fiber or chromium?
  5. well i tried dim, taurine, cdg and my skin might have seen a slight improvement from all that but i rather not spend all that money on it when I can buy chromium for a fraction of the price. i think i will keep taking DIM but i am going to drop CDG and taurine if all taurine does is control insulin spikes but not as effective as pgx. i am going to buy chromium and ALA in the form of RLA and see it that helps with insulin. how much chromium is recommended per day? i also bought pgx and i will
  6. so basically i would take pgx 15 minutes before i eat any "junk" but whenever i eat something healthy i would not take it because it will prevent me from absorbing any nutrients correct?
  7. it might work well as a spot treatment if you have it in a high concentration form
  8. my skin isn't worse or better it was just ineffective but not harmful. theonly supplement that seems to noticeable make a positive difference for my skin is zinc.
  9. http://www.iherb.com/info/hungerfree.aspx PGX is being marketed as a diet supplement. I don't want to lose weight but I'll keep an eye on this thread and see if more people get clear from it.
  10. i ordered some glutathione. it also contains some milk thistle. i will update this thread when i receive it and start taking it. i believe it will help with those taking DIM in detoxing your liver.
  11. awesome. now all i have to do is hop in the shower for my meds.
  12. bump for those taking DIM this supplement could be very important. more so than taurine or CDG.