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  1. Hey it's meant to be tablespoons. And I don't know if this is entirely related to ACV, but I no longer get irritation after shaving. None whatsoever. I always shave against the grain, and I used to get an itchy face/red blotchy spots afterwards.
  2. Hmmm where to start? When I first read this post I thought to myself "GEE, WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT". Then I decided to do it anyway, since it's such a simple regimen and it couldn't possibly hurt to try. Right? Well that was yesterday. I've drunk obscene amounts of apple cider vinegar since then. And to be honest, it actually worked!!! No new acne, and the remaining are drawing to heads (keep in mind that I've had these persistant bumps for months). My nose's pores are actually shrinking and beca
  3. I don't post in this site as much as I did years past... but I felt inclined to log in and tell you just how much of an idiot you are. So there.
  4. Look you bitter-judgemental nerd, fuck you. Now, could you guys please stay on topic? The weekend is slowly creeping up and I just gotta know if I can snort or not. Cheap pitty posts like the one I quoted don't really help anyone, seriously.
  5. What about snorting coke? Does that mess up the tane? I'm really dissapointed that I can't do E :/
  6. Ok, I want to know if it's safe to do ecstasy/crack/LSD/rum on 20 mgs of accutane. My mom goes to the same derm I do so asking my doc is definately out of the question!
  7. Hey snow queen, can you recommend me some make up? I already followed your advice on acne products, but I can't seem to find a foundation/concealer that abide these guidelines. thanks
  8. Point taken, sorry for assuming. Although I still can't see why are you folks doubting about the thread creator's intentions.
  9. I wrote a poem about the Hunza men. Hunza men eat lotsa fruits. Hunza men usually model until they're 56 years old. Hunza men usually retire and become very good looking hobos. Hunza men.
  10. That's bizarre. Why is that?
  11. I don't get how making fun of his english helps him at all... cobby you can eat nuts in general (chestnuts, brazil nuts, etc) just don't eat peanuts, cashews, & things of that sort.