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  1. Well, I have a pretty much full beard but its odd.. I really dont get many zits in there (its not like thick as shit i keep it trimmed).. Maybe because i cant really see, but when i like check for zits my beard area is usually much better than my face.. I think it might be because i dont really wash it with cleanser as well as my face.. Makes me think I should be using water.. Also.. shaving doesn't really prevent acne or make my acne worse, i shave my neck and parts of my face. Also, my skin i
  2. any updates on this progress? maybe it worked beacuse you havent posted in a while lol
  3. Ok.. well Im not even past the first month yet.. I just get so scared when i get a breakout that im going to be screwed because i get this feeling that its just going to get worse and worse and worse and it always seems to.. Then i lose faith and try something else... Its so hard to stay confident with this because I really dont want to spend months hoping for my face to improve and then end up being sorry i didnt realize that it wasnt working..
  4. I've been trying this, however I have a few questions, idk if jan carlo or anyone is still around but... What do you recommend for someone who gets clogged pores very easily? i need something to make sure i dont get a billion clogged pores, because im afraid its going to keep getting worse.. Or... Am i supposed to just let them clog and keep using water? Will it eventually work itself out or something? Does anyone know like a timeline of what happens when you do this regimen? Like month 1: t
  5. Why are you people so goddamn negative? Jan Carlo is not trying to tell you that if you believe you're sexy that you'll just suddenly wake up looking like a model, hes just trying to help you enjoy life more! all you people do is just obsess over the fact that youre acne is there, which just makes you hate your life even more. After reading that, you probably want to tear my head off, but just listen for a moment. Everyone is quick to blame others, you dont know what its like, you havent had
  6. bump.... If someone could tell me / list as many ways to exfoliate and like which are more effective than washcloths or whatever.... im sure a bunch of people know more types of exfoliating
  7. Well using stuff like a washcloth doesnt even seem to do much at all, salycilic acid products dont seem to do anything either, i mean they may help a bit but when i look up close most all of my pores are still just as clogged. I heard about that baby brush thing.. maybe that could possibly help? If you could help me with something other than just "exfoliate" that would be helpful. thanks
  8. Ok, my acne is really not that bad, but i feel like its never possible that my pores are unclogged. I have never seen my nose ever get unclogged, nor my forehead and parts of my cheeks. I would give anything to just get the tight skin look where youre pores are small and unclogged. What is something i can do to actually GET the stuff out of the pores? Exfoliating scrubs / steaming / sulfur masks all really seem to not do much.
  9. does anybody have any ideas.... btw my acne seems to be on my forehead and upper face mostly if that helps?? I don't have long hair or anything either.
  10. Ok, heres my situation: I started Tazorac cream .01 or .1% whatever with minocycline back in like feb. This started clearing me up, but by like 4 months or so, the clearing up stopped, and zits were coming back. Then when i visit my dermatologist he decides that all i need to do is change to tazorac GEL, same strength. So i figured this was bullshit, he didnt really care, but anyway i decided to use Apple Cider Vinegar for a few weeks and see how that worked, without any other prescriptions o
  11. hmm. I've always considered that maybe dairy is giving me zits, but I really doubt i could exclude it from my diet. I love milk & cereal, and i drink milk so much. I always have. Is this really common for people to see success after cutting out dairy?
  12. Hey, I'm kinda new here, but i've been readin the site for a while. I've tried dan's regimen, that doesn't really seem to work, and i've been prescribed all sorts of medicine that don't seem to work. I was on minocycline / tazorac cream earlier this year, and i was slowly improving for a few months, then all of a sudden im getting zits again. My acne really is not that bad, its a few pimples around my face at any time, but i just really don't like the way my skin looks. My pores are huge and it
  13. Ok. Is it true that the zits you have now started from 1-2 weeks ago? Also, do you have any suggestions to stop pimples from getting so big and nasty? I pretty much ONLY get pustules, a few scattered around my face, and they get worse throughout the day. I know it's not good to empty it yourself, but what am I supposed to do to not have this nasty looking thing in public?
  14. I just checked the CVS website for its ingredients, it contains Bentonite, but so does the neutrogena on the spot treatment. The ingredients lists are exactly the same. Does this mean that the neutrogena is equally bad? cvs brand neutrogena brand Anyway, i think the cleanser i'm using might be bad too, beacuse it has Sodium lauryl sulfate, which on snow-queens list is bad. the cleanser Cetaphil moisturizer (same ingredients as the CVS one i'm using ) Should i just order dan's products? or