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  1. Your diet sounds good. I also will reccomend that you dont eat any fried foods,potatoes, dont eat fish and alcohol on the same day, you can have fish though just not the mixture. And dont drink carbonated beverages as they are hard for your digestinal track to handle. Another thing to do is to eat your fruits or vegetables before you eat your breakfast, or dinner. This is because if you eat your eggs and toast before than your fruit will be on top and take longer to absorb into your system.
  2. Dont use the Mario Badescu, none of the stuff will work. They have good moisturizers the the drying lotion etc just doesnt work. Try Suki, and get their Lemongrass Cleanser, it takes away oily skin without causing dryness. Other suki stuff may work for you though I just reccomend the cleanser for now, its cheap and you will love it.
  3. Put some polysporin or even better but harder to obtain some Erythromycin Ointment on and a bandaid and it will speed the process of it coming to a head. Keep doing that after to speed the healing process as well.
  4. fedupppp, your lucky. \yes, you do have some bad flare ups but your in month 4. Month 5 or 6 will show such great results and your almost there. Dont worry about the now for the time being because you have made it so far. I am considering going on accutane, but I realize I will have to go through 6 months for results. Your almost there and many would kill to be in your spot, I keep criticizing myself for not going on the stuff earlier this year. So dont worry, and yes you have bad marks not, b
  5. The AHA cream sold on this wbsite works very well. It fades the marls considerably, but will not rid the marks or scars from your face. But my scars are almost transparent now, too bad I just started breaking out on that side of the face again!
  6. Mine will be for the first time as well, but I am worried that it may leave an indent or someting so I will not go through with it until it is a really bad one coming up.
  7. Differin, what is that? Will a derm perscribe this stuff? Thanks for your input guys, girls. I put on bp cream usually but it never guarantees the job will we done. My thing came up abit over night but its not as painful anymore which tells me it will recede. But I got a few and I may go to get a shot today. Sick of this..
  8. The thing already hurts but its not red and hasnt surfaced yet. By tomorrow morning it will have. Is there anything I can put on it over night that will prevent this? Thanks for your time!
  9. hey there, I got this link for you to these videos for meditation, they are very simple and easy to follow. I stumbled accross these a while back and thought they were just amazing on how simple it explains it. All you need to do basically is focus on your breath, and if your thoughts come up just gently push them aside and continue focusing on your breath. If you do this for long enough, like 20 or more minutes you feel amazing after. Here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om7NCfTo-xc thats vi
  10. jautumndye, Accutane is actually supposed to slow down thinking, and make you lazy during the course of taking it. Also, alot of people break out during the whole course of taking tane, and the majority of cases that I have read experience the good results 4 months, or after they stop the treatment. Dont worry about your skin, try and focus your life on other things. It can be hard, but you have a supportive family and thats all that matters in your position it seems. Also, you should take up me
  11. Is there one out there that you folks could recommend me getting? I dont want one that could make my skin look oily, and also abviously I dont want to break out from it. Im sure some of you know a good one for me to purchase. Thanks for your help and time.
  12. Im in the same boat Deadbeat007, I am thinking of postponing going to university until I go on accutane and it clears everything up for good. I am finishing college now, so I know how hard it is to go to classes and experience things, and not be able to be yourself completely. Acne can be harsh on alot of people, because it gives off this aura of unhealthy lifestyles, ugliness etc when most of us sufferers eat healthier than the average nutritionist. I for one eat completely healthy, no dairy,
  13. Paul, overeating can be bad for the digestion. It can slow down the digestion process which can lead to some breakouts. Id reccomend something like probiotics to aid in digestion if you make a abit of this. Also I should say, that potatoes are bad for acne, as well as any fried foods. Now, you say you put them into a tea? Thats interesting but still will have the negative effects. Ive also noticed on here before, you are very holistic to your approach like myself. If you dont mind me asking, h
  14. Im gonna go to the body shop or whatever its called. That fancy shop with all the soaps, creams etc. Dunno if they have it, maybe shoppers drug mart or somethin. Im also looking for Rochelle salts, and sulfur(powdered), you mix those 2 together with cream of tartar and it will supposidly clear your acne. This is an edgar cayce regimin, thus its hard to find these ingredients as his readings are from the 1900's lol.