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  1. day 58 (week 8) using retin-a micro. i have skipped a few nights using it by accident, but try to put it on under my makeup during the day when i remember. (i wash it off before i do my night treatment.) i'm still getting pimples, but it seems like the pores on my nose look smaller. i just need to buckle down and use the stuff every single night. i need to start putting it on earlier, too. i have so many late nights. ( partier )...i doubt the beer is doing anything positive for my skin, eithe
  2. day 36 using retin-a micro. past the 5 week mark...yay! my face is starting to clear up again! yay! it looks way better than it did last week. i've only got a hand full of active spots instead of 15 hand fulls. hopefully it won't break out badly again. my fingers are crossed. to the comment above mine...i definitely read that on the website. i was just confused because my skin got so much better the first two weeks i used it, and then it got really really bad. i just didn't expect it to get
  3. day 23 using retin-a micro. so uh. my skin looks absolutely awful. i'm really broken out around my mouth and chin and my cheeks are starting to break out. i got a pimple on my forehead for the first time in months. there's a HUGE one on my chin...it's a freakin' mountain! ...and to top it all off i've been having to use moisturizer and cream foundation instead of my mineral makeup, and i think both of those things are breaking my skin out even though they're both fine as far as ingredients go
  4. day 22 using retin-a micro. so i'm past the 3 week mark, and my face is so broken out. it's mostly on my chin and upper lip. however, my skin tone is evening out and my pimples go away in half the time they used to. how long does this initial breakout usually take to stop happening? i'm thinking anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks? it's driving me crazy. my face is soooo dry. wish me luck.
  5. day 17 using retin-a micro. my chin is clearing, but now i'm getting a few new spots on the right side of my face. wth!! also, the skin around my chin and nose is really dry and flakey at times. i'm noticing more redness than normal, as well. i don't wanna jinx myself, but it seems like the pimples i get now go away in like half the time they used to. even though i'm getting new pimples, i think my skin looks so much better than it ever has. i can't wait to see what it looks like in 3 or 4 more
  6. today is my 2 week mark of using retin-a micro! with makeup on, my face looks clear! no bumps, really! it's just a little red and irritated. still got blackheads and clogged pores but i can't believe the difference! does your face usually clear almost completely before the initial breakout? i'm hoping i'm not gonna have one. this is amazing!! i can't remember my face ever looking this good!!
  7. thanks everyone for replying! i started using retin-a micro 10 days ago, and i am seeing dramatic results! i'm so excited. no need for accutane! also, i have a job that doesn't offer benefits. i'm a body piercer. it's an amazing job but no benefits. oh well.
  8. day 10 using retin-a micro. my skin looks better than it ever has. everything but my chin is basically clear and the skin is less red. my red marks are fading quickly. i'm so excited about this! nothing has ever cleared my skin this way. hopefully this keeps progressing like it is. the pimples i get on my chin aren't near as big anymore and they go away quickly. who else has had this kind of success with retin-a micro? i'm worried it's too good to be true.
  9. day 8 using retin-a micro. everything but my chin is completely clear, except for a couple small ones on my forehead. the ones on my chin are going away quickly and the skin there is not as dry anymore. everything but my chin looks so smooth with makeup on. it's awesome! one of my coworkers even commented on how smooth it looks! i'm really excited. my back has been completely clear for like a month now. -fingers crossed- hopefully things keep going this well!
  10. i'm on my 6th day of retin-a micro, so i'm pretty excited/scared to see what my skin's gonna do. my whole face was clear all day except my chin is looking pretty rough, but i noticed a bump forming above my upper lip just now. i'm dreading this initial breakout. and my skin is already getting extremely dry at the corners of my mouth and my lipline and chin...but i'm sticking with this no matter what. patience!
  11. my acne used to be worse on one side than it was the other and finally i realized i slept on the side it was badbad on. try washing your pillow cases often and don't use fabric softener. maybe try using a fragrance free detergent, as well. who knows, it might help.
  12. day 6 using retin-a micro. above my upper lip is pretty much clear of pimples. from the lip up all i have are red marks, blackheads, and some clogged pores. the skin up there isn't even dry, it's just a little bit red. from my lower lip down, though, is a whole different story. it's broken out pretty bad, and the pimples are under the skin and huge until they surface. they dry up super quick and look scaley. the skin around my mouth (especially the corners) is extremely dry and crusty looking.
  13. day 5 using retin-a micro. face is looking decent minus 3 or 4 pimples. i have one huge one close to my chin and it looks awful. i've been using my hand to hide it all night. god, i hope this goes away tonight. i'm still not experiencing much dryness, except that my pimples are getting scabby more quickley than they normally do, which i guess is good. i'm also trying a new mineral makeup, i hope it is better to my skin than the last kind was. i wish i knew i would be clear by 3 months. it make
  14. day 4 using retin-a micro. so my face was pretty broken out for the last few days. i haven't noticed any irritation at all. it might be a little more dry than it normally is, but nothing noticeable. it also feels a little tighter after i wash it in the morning. it still looks bad but it seems to be getting better. -knock on wood-....i only have two or three actual pimples but they are all those awful huge under the skin monsters. i'm hoping this retin-a micro will actually work. just takes tim
  15. i've been doing some research on supplements that may help clear up acne, and i'm looking for some opinions. fish oil, multi-b complex, green tea extract, zinc, b5, vitamin d? which should i try? how many should i try together? i'm a bit confused. also, i was taking a multivitamin that i learned contained iodine, so i stopped taking it. i thought it was helping my skin, but not if it had iodine in it! ahh! also, i'll be needing a calcium supplement since i'm cutting dairy. i guess i'm basically