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  1. Hi, I've been on Minocycline for roughly 11 weeks. It's working really well. During the second week of the course i broke out hives (this is the first time i have ever got them). They were very small and not a problem. Now they have spread and are very itchy and seem to be getting a lot worse. My question is. Could this be a serious side effect? I looked on a website which lists Minocycline side effects and under the severe section was hives? Should i stop taking Minocycline? Any advice would
  2. extremOR....thats what I SAID! it will decrease inflammation, make the pimples smaller and help in the healing process lol Sorry, what i meant was minocycline does work by its self and does clear you up.
  3. Not true i've been on mino for almost 6 weeks now and i havent used anything else. Some areas of my face have cleared up completely. Inflamation + Pimple sizes have reduced dramatically.
  4. Leeds-fan did you go to a private derm?
  5. How would i go about seing a private derm in the UK?
  6. Eucerin Day Renewal Lotion contains Lactic Acid in it's lotion so it works kind of like AHA would work only it non irritating so it does not sting really bad nor work too hard on the skin that would cause redness & peeling like some AHA lotions may cause. You can find out more information about this product at this Feedback & Information site. About the mask.. The easiest way to start using a mask with baking soda is to get a mask like product you like. Add 1 Tbsp to a small amount
  7. The thing is i have stopped using BP to get rid of this wrinkle problem and after about 3months there was NO improvement, the wrinkles look really bad on my forehead. I've tried glycolic acid/vitamin C/sulphur and i dont think moiustriser helps because my skin is not even dry. I think BP has totally screwed up my skin. Dan any advise would be appreciated.
  8. yeah thanks for the advice, i dont think i will order it from the net, too many risks involved and my acne isnt really THAT bad i just want an end to it.