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  1. Hey guys. I just wanted ask everybody: When did your initial breakout start and how long did it last? I've been on the drug for about a month and a half and I'm just trying to get an idea of what the progression is like.
  2. I was on minocycline for two months. I'm not sure what it does for your pores but I do think that it works quite well.
  3. I was on that stuff for 3 months and I can say, honestly, that it was the worst medication I've ever been on. Not only did it irritate my skin but I also remember it feeling quite strange when I put it on. If I were you, I'd give it another month, though.
  4. I haven't felt this good for a while. My skin is almost totally clear. For six years it was total shit and it started smoothing out this last month. I'm on minocycline and hope this stuff lasts. :) :)
  5. For the first couple of weeks, do it twice a day and then apply it once every 24 hours. This will lead to no irritation and I've found that avoiding irritation is really the key to clearing acne.
  6. I'd stick with the regimen you're on right now. I've tried splicing different treatments before and it almost always ends in disaster. My face is almost completely clear from Dan's regimen but, like you, I am covered in scars. I think we should just be happy that the breakouts are gone.