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    Drums, hocky, music, getting rid of my acne....many more. If your really that inquisitive go ahead and ask....:)
  1. Oh, Ok....so the p. acnes in your face feed on the sebum and dead skin cells that hang out in your pores. And when they FEED they GROW. Its really getting confusing now, because I just realized something....the bacteria that infested my face is appearently aerobic (needs oxygen).....ehhh????. So now I'm wondering if this bacillus BACTERIA is feeding on my pores SEBUM or It's feeding on OXYGEN OUTSIDE my skin, or INSIDE my skin?? I'm pretty confused? P.s. Thankyou for your time. I really do appr
  2. Is it possible to have more then one type of bacteria breeding in my face at one time .....Can I have this bacillus bacteria mixing with the p. acnes and making a intense combination??? ....I only say this b/c before I had this new bacterial infection I had just "Normal" acne with this bacteria that you refered to as P. acnes ( Where do p. acnes come from??)
  3. This past September I traveled to South America with barely any acne. My face looked pretty good. Well, while I was there I popped a zit or two with my fingers. Bacteria traveled from my fingers into my pores and I infected my skin. The bacteria is not found in the area I live in but only in some parts of South America. My dermatologist prescribed for me to take penicillin because it is known to kill this bacillus species on my face. Does anyone know if I can just take Accutane to help my pro
  4. My derm shutters when I even mention the word "Accutane". I'll be in Argentina for the next six months and She thinks I'll die if I take the drug without being under her close supervision. I mean, Is Accutane really that crazy? I'm going to see her tommorow. Should I just tell to stop the lasers and the antibiotics and just put me on Tane!!!???
  5. I myself am new to the world of moderate/severe acne, so....I could use any help from people who know what there talking about. I never really had a severe problem with acne as I went through the years of adolesence. I had no severe problem when I was 13-17 years old. It was great, I was even able to graduate from my high school with a good complexion and lots of supportive friends. Well.....after I graduated I decided to go to a foreign school. I decided to go to a college in the distant countr