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  1. Hi! I have been a member here for a long time and I tried pretty much every topical, diet, laser, etc. treatment discussed on here, including Accutane 4(!) times.... Accutane worked great, it stopped my cystic acne, but *regular* acne came back like 6 months after finishing Accutane. I am a 32 years old guy (struggling with acne since I was 17), with a family history of male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia, few years ago I started taking finasteride which made little to no diff
  2. Hi! I am interested in trying Argan oil as my moisturizer, however there are so many brands out there, if anyone here uses Argan oil could you please suggest me a brand that I should try? Thanks!
  3. First of all clear up your acne, if one course of Accutane did not help try another one. Doing treatments while having so much active acne can result in even more acne and infections. Dermarolling/Dermastamp wont help much in my opinion, you need to do lasers such as Fraxel Repair or Deep FX. Also, maybe abit unorthodox, but look into Dutasteride, I have been taking it for my hair loss and I have noticed that it helped my skin also. Hair loss & acne are caused by DHT, Dutasteride is ver
  4. Where are you from? There are different treatments available in Europe vs the US for example. I can probably give you some advice as I have done many treatments. Also what type of scars do you have? Any pictures?
  5. Sorry, I will post pics when I get back to my PC. Early next week. Here are some pics from 2012, had a few scar treatments & acne since then .
  6. Hi, Probably another one of those topics, but here we go anways Wanted to ask guys on this site a few questions(girls/women point of view also welcome). For those of you who have girlfriends, how are you dealing with your girlfriend if she is acne free? I am single currently(for some time), but I used to live in a house with 3 girls and I probably had more creams and spent money on those creams/dermatologists than all of them combined, obviously I didnt keep all of my stuff(facial masks
  7. Swimming is a very very bad idea imo, especially during/after Accutane, if you are talking about swimming pools. Will irritate your skin even more(slow down the healing). Could you tell me the docs name please either on here/private message? NY is one of the places I will visit next month to speak with some of the Docs that make sense to me(aka not just pushing their laser treatments) from Realself based on their answers and ratings,will see what they suggest for my acne scarring, you are we
  8. I have scars like yours, they are mostly rolling scars along with small icepick scars. I did Fraxel Repair laser in my country, but I dont think my doctor went deep enough, I will go and visit a few Realself doctors that I found very knowledgeable in the US early next year. From my understanding is that our best way to treat these type of scars is with fraxel repair/deep fx + subcision and tca cross for larger ice picks.
  9. Thanks, I hope you are right, would hate to get new scars, especially lines like these.
  10. Hi, I am currently on my 2nd Accutane course, this weekend something strange happened and I wanted to see if anyone else experienced it. I noticed that my face developed 3-4 scratches out of nowhere(next to each other), something along the lines of these: They are not as large, but they are noticeable, tried to take a photo but camera cant seem to capture them properly. Anyone experienced it? I hope they are temporary and will heal.
  11. Hi, what country are you from? I have very similar scarring to yours, I can tell you 100% that chemical peels wont do anything to you other than improve texture. Scars are too deep for regular chemical peels, you would have to do phenol peel(which is very risky). I suggest Fraxel Repair(NOT RESTORE) for your scarring, multiple treatments. I am considering doing Laser+Recell next time.
  12. So how are your results so far?
  13. Dont do that, message me and we can talk, I know how you feel. I am currently on my 3rd Accutane course(trust me I tried everything else, nothing worked) and I feel the same thing about scars(avoiding mirrors, prefer to not meet people, even family members). Sometimes I feel I want to give up also, my only hope for scars is that I stay on the course and after im done with my 3rd course of Accutane I will do more treatments, I did some lasers before my 3rd Accutane and they did help somewhat. My
  14. Good luck, it will come back, but less severe and will improve (fill in) for 3-6 months.
  15. Thank you! I was using search before, but I used Mark Taylor and found very little information on him. Good luck with your treatments, your thread is very helpful!