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  1. I've used these three in this order for about 2 months. Within the last year I've pretty much always used BP, and a combination of: AHA+ (Acne.org) Glycolic 10% Green Cream Tretinoin (Did not use this very much as it made my face red) MaMa Lotion Paula's Choice BHA (Salycic Acid 2%) Glycolic (30%)/Lactic Acid(25%) Peels I never really irritated my face except when I started the Green Cream. I still have everything but the Green Cream. Does anyone have any recommendation on how I can combine
  2. My skin is tough, and not sensitive at all. However, these were apart of one of the more-supported regimens on here. The ingredients combined work great on my back and face, keep the inflammation away, but the comedones don't leave.
  3. There are hundreds of them along my face, and they really stick out. I've tried tons of things: AHA, BHA, Green Cream, MaMa Lotion. And in the last year since I've been on this site, not much has changed, they are STILL there. Any recommendations?
  4. Guys I am going to use my common sense and tell you that this is probably a joke, or a scam. Check out these oh so positive reviews. They each registered on the day they posted, and some have posted in multiple topics. Doesn't sound legit.
  5. That apple cider vinegar smells like nasty feet! How do you guys apply it to your face without vomiting?
  6. 19.0 at 6'0" and 140lbs. Woo, finally normal weight!
  7. What is a good moisturizer to use with Green Cream 6. I need one that does not leave your skin oily and absorbs fast. Any recommendations?
  8. When you first started using Green Cream how did you kick it in? I just added it to everything I did haha. I did it the first 2 nights. It's night 4 now and I'm not doing it after the flaky peeling. But I might do it tomorrow if my washes do not sting. Should I do it every other day? And then after a week do it about every day?
  9. Okay, tonight was night 3, and I'm trying to get some generalizations in. Right now, when I put it on, it makes my face very shiny. Is this supposed to happen? Also, what should I expect after 1 week? 2 weeks? 1 month?
  10. Well, despite what happened today, I am actually quite tolerant of products/anti-irritant. However, I think I will avoid the BHA Wash because of the Green Cream. Thanks.
  11. Is it common to peel using a BHA 2% SA Wash (After 1 week), and using Green Cream( Night two, yes I applied it the first two nights)? When I put my BP and SA Moisturizer on this morning it burned
  12. Is there a way to avoid a purge when using Green Cream? Or at least contain it so it does not look horrible? (Note: I still go to public school )
  13. I've finally lost a few products, and I'm kind of in need of help for a routine. I currently have: Neutragena OTG Spot Treatment (BP) (Have alot left) Peter Thomas Roth BHA 2% Wash (Salicylic Acid) (Brand New) Aveeno Foaming Cleanser (About to run out) St Ives Scrub (About 1 - 3 more Washes till it's out) Biore Exfioliator and Pore minimizer (Alot left) Oil-Free Neutragena Moisturizer w/ 0.5% Salicylic ANEW Toner (Alcohol Free) My question is, how should I organize this in to a routine. Curr
  14. Okay, I am looking at this glycolic acid, but I have a few questions. First of all, it is a chemical peel. Is that safe to use? I'm not that sensitive but what will it do? I've heard it leaves horrible burn marks, I'd rather not risk that.