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  1. i was looking at the skin plastic...but there are a ton of other products worth looking at....even a SLIGHT TEMPORARY RELIEF from scarring is worth the 18 bucks in my opinion....as soon as i get the money im buying some of these products.... brad pitt has a TON of acne scars (look at his early pics or that "seven years in tibet" bullshit movie)...but now u dont see his scars in films anymore....it may be a combination of procedures he has done but im sure alot of it is special effect makeups/pu
  2. to temporarily fill in pock marks and icepicks and other skin inconsistencies the best bet is with movie special effect makeup and u can get it in new york or order from them online....the site is here: www.alconeco.com check it out
  3. can u try the dermarolling? people are getting great results. i havent tried it because i just am not willing anymore to walk around with a red bloody face afer a laser or some procedure. ive done TONS of procedures. including excision on 3 scars and ended up with worse scarring where the excisions were. also it took YEARS for the red marks created by the excisions to lighten. i would suggest some deep dermarolling
  4. i am wondering who on these boards is suicidal? Did anyone on here attempt it? What saved you? Last year i became so hopeless that I swallowed 48 over the counter sleeping pills and fell asleep. I've been dealing with skin problems for almost 15 years. When I finally cleared my severe cystic acne, I was left with a faceful of scars. Scars are permanent. My life truly ended when I was 15. Anyway, as I stated, I got hopeless. I swallowed the pills, and woke up in the middle of the night
  5. Effu, Fraxel Restore will not help much for icepick scars, it is better for rolling scars. Did you try TCA for your icepicks?
  6. ALSO, fraxel retore is a waste of money. i had 11, at the highest setting, and it did not do anything for my scarring. and it's been over a year, so that waiting period they tell u about, and how u can see improvements for up to a year afterward is crap. i have red marks, and ice picks, and some uneven levels in my skin. i never did the fraxel repair though, so maybe that one will help.
  7. i dont know what punch "elevation" or "grafts" are, but i had a surgeon (best in new york) perform a punch something on 2 icepick scars a few years ago. and i had bad results. it made 2 bigger dents in my cheek! the procedure was supposed to punch out the icepick scars, and sew them up leaving a less noticeable slight line, where the stiches were, then C02 resurface the entire area, after the stitches were removed and healed. well, the red marks from where the punchs were performed lasted
  8. I feel the same way...... Last christmas I downed 48 over the counter sleeping pills. Obviously, I'm still alive though. I've been scarred for over 20 years. My life has been ruined. I've done everything too. Over the years my scarring has improved, but it's hard to say if its been a combination of all the different scar treatments and lasers and dermabrasions, or if time just faded everything. I' don't know what to do anymore.
  9. I think what you are experiencing is just a temporary effect. Your scars will look as before once u stop the supplement of hyaluronic acid. well, i dont plan on stopping the supplements.....and the "temporary effect" idea is true of ANY pill.....and there are millions of people on pills all over the world, for various reasons, and that have to take them every day, or they will get very sick..... not every sickness has a cure (scars included), .....but u can manage ailments to make t
  10. hmmm......that site looks fishy to me.....i read their collagen chapter, and when they wrote they "didnt even have time to name" the product, so they just called it "collagen".....they didnt have time to name it??? that sentrence screams "SCAM" i bought my collagen at "the vitamin shop", and its the vitamin shop brand.....but im going to look up different brands...
  11. also, it takes about 2 weeks to start seeing results from collagen supplements, and 2 months before full results, and i must say that im already seeing a glow after only 5 days....i just dont understand why i dont see anything about these supplements on these boards..... tip: my mom's a doctor, and she advised me a long time ago that for vitamins and supplements to be better absorbed by the body, and hence get the full effects, u must incorporate B12......just FYI, B12 is probably the
  12. i got "biocell collagen w/hyaluronic acid" from the vitamin shop. ive been taking them since monday (today is friday) and i like the results....i can tell u 100% that my cheek depressions are alot plumper. im sure it is the hyaluronic acid holding water in my skin, making my scars plumper immediately (because im sure collagen couldnt build that fast) but immediate results that make ur scars look lessened are definitely worth it.... as far as collagen goes, im not sure what will happen but
  13. i just discovered these vitamins...... apparently u can take collagen and hyaluronic acid supplements orally!!i think that anyone with any kind of depressed scarring should be taking these... i just started taking them a few days ago, and my skin is looking alot more plumped up.
  14. i dont think u should put it in anything, but dilute it 50/50 with water before u drink it...and orange juice is acidic and im fraid it will cancel it out.....it tastes as bad as drinking vodka or jagermeister....its the same awful taste. ive been drinking it for a few days and it does help alot of people....
  15. ummmm...what do u mean by cyst? u mean a cystic pimple? because i dont think they excise those....they only excise scars... for huge cysts u have to get cortisone shots....just go to ur derm and ask to get cortisone injections into the cysts and they will be gone in 24 hours....) to keep from getting cysts u need to get on accutane...or at least megadose the pantothenic acid every day