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  1. i remember i tried it once and it broke me out so i stop right away cause i was scared i would brake out even more. so i never got to see if it would fade scars. but im despret and was thinking of starting it again, if anybody who uses it and it works please give me the go! but i really hate the smell of that stuff. please dont just say "it works good" or something like that, i want to know how long it takes and what are the pros and cons of putting apple cider vineger on my face.
  2. josh, we have been living the same life from what i can tell from your post. i was the fat kid growing up, and i can remember thinking when i was around 7 or 8 that i would kill myself if i grew up fat ( i was THAT young and thinking that i would kill myself!) . to top it off my mom used to buy clearicil for me and my brother when we were that age to make sure we wouldnt get acne. i was eight and i wasnt even close to getting acne yet my mom (who has a face filled with scares from acne when sh
  3. i started using mederma the same day in started using the clean and clear products. so i really dont know what has made my face look better. but the mederma has seemed to make my scars look softer, and not as rough. i dont think they will get rid of the scar ( the dent will still be there) but i think it has helped with the redness some what, but not much. i dont think i helped much. but i know the mederma is supposed to take a while to really work, like 3 months or more.
  4. damn you man! just kidding, but thanks for the heads up on what she could be thinking, ill make sure i make it clear that im not gay next time we meet.
  5. its funny cause i had the oppurtunity to do it already and i didnt. when she was showing me her pictures and she showed me one with just her posing and smiling, i was thinking "goddamn your hot!" but i couldnt say it. if i did say something like "you are so beautiful" or something like that out loud, it could have broken the ice and then when i tell her i really like her, it wouldnt come out of noware. but i got nervous and said nothing and just smiled at the picture (i kicked myself for that fo
  6. ok, how do you think i should tell her? just out of noware? i really have no clue. any suggestion will be appretiated drifter or anyone else for that matter. i always feel all confidant when i think im gonna say something to her than the moment finally comes and im a studdering goof. but after a couple of mintues i get comfortible and talk normal again with her. but i ALWAYS start off nervous, i dont know, i cant help it.
  7. i HATE my forehead! i have these lines across it that look like wrinkles (im 19).they are there cause i have lots of little scars that have somehow connected and now i have a forehead of an old man. heck my dad is 62 and he has a younger looking forehead than me, i always get depressed when i see his flawless skin and then see my scared sad face. whenever i get a red face i usually put neosprin or vasaline on it and it gone in a couple of days, maybe that will help your problem noeliam, but yo
  8. ive wanted to tell her for the longest time but i have no clue how to do it, any ideas? lets say i told her i've had these fellings for her and she freaks out and trys to avoid me ( i know thats not gonna happen but hear me out) . i have a class with her and we sit next to each other, so it will be pretty awkward for the next couple of months. believe me i dont want to regret anything when this is all over, i just want to make the right decisions, what are those "right" decisions? i sure as h
  9. noooooooooo! well, yeah, i kinda figured that they wont be going away by then. it just that they are so big and i know its the first everybody will see when they look at me, SHIT! any who, if i keep the neosporin on and leave some bp how long do you think it will take? gone by monday maybe!? damn, just when i was feeling comfortable with my skin too, i get the good ol fork in the eye by my acne! :cries:
  10. holy crap i forgot about that! but do you think it works for cyst? how about i put bp and neosproin on, or would that be pushing it. i really need these off my face!