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  1. geeez probably around 20 whiteheads just on the left side of my nose, while the other side is clear wtf is going on?
  2. Man I can't even remember, I think i remember that it got much better within a month or so but i think i still got an occasional cyst for a while after that. I am like doubting myself for gettin back on it now, cuz it hasn't been this bad before i got back on it. I just remember how awesome it felt to wake up and KNOW that there wasn't gonna be a new one lol
  3. good luck man, i know its gonna work for you. accutane was a lifesaver for me and although some acne has come back about a year later it isn't even CLOSE to being as bad. i was/am lucky enough to never have acne on my back or chest, but a friend of mine did and accutane worked wonders for him too
  4. Ok well I guess ill start out with my history, I had acne for years in high school, but sometime it wasn't a problem. End of junior year it began to get really bad, and I started trying different antibiotics but it never got better. After my derm had me try a few things he finally gave me accutane, I had an IB but I can't even remember if it was that bad. I loved the medicine, aside from dry skin/lips I had no negative side effects and it made my skin way less oily and 100% clear. I wanted to st
  5. So I took accutane for 6 months and it worked wonders.(after like 3 antibiotics failed). its about 7 months since i've been off, and it has been pretty decent with a couple pimples here and there. But it seems like its getting worse, but not nearly as bad as it was when i went on accutane the first time. do you think it will be easy to get back on it since it was the only thing that ever worked? also,ill be going to a different derm
  6. i have no problem going back on it, i just wish i didnt have to
  7. Well i took accutane for 6 months and it was the bet thing ever, made my skin PERFECT and i've been off it for about 5 months now. I've been using retin-a micro as prescribed once a day but just this week i have started to get pimples again, really only of the left side of my face mostly near my chin. Maybe this is just going to be a temporary thing, i'm just so worried because I have been so happy with way more confidence and now im freaking out. Im going to college in like 2 weeks and i was th
  8. so i just finished my 6th month of accutane and my derm says im done. i guess i should be happy but i'm really not, the results have been so great I wanna stay on this medicine forever. All my acne is gone and i love how im never oily. i have been prescribed retin-a micro cream to use every night, its supposed to keep me clear but i dont know.. you guys think it will come back or am i finally free??
  9. I am just starting my fourth month on accutane(actually its sotret) and I have seen significant improvement but i am still getting BIG cysts on my cheeks every now and then right now i have a HUGE one its making my eye like swell up almost is this normal this far into it or am i doing something wrong question 2 if im supposed to be taking 40mg twice a day does that mean 2 pills at once or spread it out