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  1. I've got this funky rash thing on the backs of my hands. It started yesterday afternoon with just a few little red dots, looked as though I had been out picking raspberries and got pricked with thorns, you know the look? But seeing as it's Jan in Wisconsin, I knew that just couldn't be, haha. Anyhow, by evening I had a full blown rashy sort of thing on the back of both hands, strange. I had the same thing about two weeks ago but it's gone now. Face is pretty clear, actives are slower to appe
  2. NLF, I've been having the same eye "issues" and like you it's so nice to put on makeup in the morning and LOOK THE SAME IN THE EVENING....Like you I searched for the "right" foundation, not realizing it was my skin that needed changing not the foundation. I'm half way though my second month now, no actives either right now, dry lips, dry shoulder blades (wtf, I can't reach it to moisturize...imagine moisturizing my formerly oily back...unreal!) This must be how the other half lives is it?
  3. I just found this thread today - and read the whole thing, man you're all a wordy lot-- but it's all good! Wow, what a difference. You must feel great. Keep posting...now that I don't have 12 pages to catch up with.
  4. I've been on it now since about December 1. Seen really big improvements in the second month. The first month I had some really bad breakouts. I'm on 40mg one day alternating with 80mg the next.
  5. oh yeah, I've got one, horrible! LOL But I bought an OTC kit because the doc here is closed on the weekend. It's clearing up but I hope I don't get them for the next four months or so I'll go out of my mind. Went looking for Aquaphor and nobody in the pharmacies here has heard of it, must be an american thing?
  6. Give it time. Mine got like that but is getting better. #1. STAY OUT OF THE SUN, IT WILL MAKE YOUR FACE WORSE!!!! #2. DRINK AS MUCH WATER AS YOU CAN! #3. DON'T WAX, TRUST ME! I tried one of those Nair face strips about two weeks into accutane. I was bored and figured ah, I'm gonna get rid of this stuff on my lip (which nobody notices but me). I damn near tore my top lip off and walked around with a little red hitler mustache for about a week before it healed up. So yeah, don't wa
  7. I get that pain too, right in the middle of my breastbone sometimes too and in my ribs. I guess it's the accutane. And my feet fall asleep at the weirdest times! (they don't dream tho)
  8. I don't mind telling you my weight, I'm currently at 145 lbs. I'm back to see my doctor on the 25th of January, I will be back at 40mg a day at that point and he said he'd adjust the dosage then to see if it needs to go up or not. I am loving that I don't have to wash my hair so much. I'm also a mom, my daughter is 17 and has dry skin and hair, total opposite of me so hopefully she'll never have to deal with this problem. However, that being said, having oily skin has kept me looking way you
  9. Hey Nobodylivesforever, I just found these forums today. I'm about a week into my second month of Accutane. 40mg/day first month and 40mg alternating every second day with 80mg this month, back to 40mg next month. What an amazing difference. I had some severe breakouts first month on my forehead where I normally don't get them, mine were bad cystic ones mainly on my cheeks and around my mouth and chin. OUCH! But you're right, bangs covered the ones on my forehead too! I have had dry lips