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  1. Depression and psychosis of this medication are REAL side effects. RARE but real. Grow up. Seriously.
  2. I changed my BCP. They still make it but i still can't find the website. This is odd.
  3. I took accutane about 4 yrs ago. Before taking accutane. I was fine. No personal or family history of depression. But, I started feeling depressed during my 4th month of accutane tx. Maybe not really depressed at that point, but just feeling low. Maybe by the 5th month, I remember crying for no good reason, just overly stressed from school and along with the medication I suppose. But I never felt like that before. I was and currently am really good about dealing with stress. I think I'm a pretty
  4. Clean & Clear moisturizer Sephora's anti-shine gel (i have really oily skin) Everyday Minerals foundation, intensive formula Everyday Minerals blush Urban Decay Primer Potion as an eyeshadow base MAC, Make Up Forever, and LORAC eyeshadows. Sometimes I use the eyeshadow as a liner if I want softer look. HiP gel liner occasionally Urban Decay liquid liners MAC lipsticks
  5. Are they not making this bcp anymore? I can't find the website. I am looking to change my bcp to ortho tri cyclen, rather than ortho tri cyclen - LO.
  6. just wear a headband. that happened to me once.. minus the drunk hair dresser.
  7. Watch this video. It's very helpful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIrHLQUP4zU It will make brush cleaning a lot faster and easier. Also your brushes will dry faster.
  8. I'm hoping when its back in stock it has the new bamboo handle. I've been waiting for the new brushes and the jars with the closable sifters.
  9. Coconut oil is great for your hair! http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-oils/o...oconut-oil.html Or you could use Sunsilk's hydra-tlc. I apply this to the bottom half of my hair that has been previously damaged due to dying. It makes my hair feel smooth and silky. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...WELAID=61276425
  10. I really liked Prescriptives. I don't use it anymore I'm using edm now but i think prescriptives' liquid foundation is really good. I used it for a little more than 3yrs before switching.
  11. Why don't you buy some brow stencils so you know where you are supposed to pluck. You don't have to get the expensive anastasia stencils. There are cheaper ones with various shapes and thin/thickness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyQ7SsmzsWY
  12. Lostris143 has an awesome video on EDM's puff jar. I love her reviews. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Rb1q_uaEM
  13. Honestly I think everything really comes down to attitude. If you go through life being negative no one will want to be around you. You can be the most gorgeous person in the world but with a hideous attitude, who wants to be around that?? Girls want a guy with confidence. I've seen uuuuuugggggggglllllllyyyy guys with girlfriends and trust me you're not ugly! Work on your self esteem and I'm sure a girl will come around.
  14. I have been using edm for about a month now and i haven't broken out since I have been using them. My skin has actually been clear for the first time in a long time!
  15. i currently use urban decay's primer potion I believe I ordered mine from QVC or HSN, i don't remember but they had a special. 2 for $20 with free S&H. UDPP is good but I don't like the packaging because you need to cut it open to get everything out. I used to use Benefit's She-Laq and really liked it. The different with this is, you put on your eyeshadow first and then put the she-laq on top. But you really have to be careful and make sure your eyes are closed while the she-laq is still we