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Not identical to the Cerave PM facial moisturizer
Just an FYI- i see a ton of ppl saying this is identical to the Cerave PM facial moisturizer-- it is not. The facial moisturizer has Niacinamide in the main first ingredients, which is an extremely beneficial vitamin for skin. I know a lot of folks like using this, but I recommend using moisturizers made specifically for the face--- on the face. This does not say its a facial moisturizer anywhere on the bottle, and i think Cerave created ones for the face for that specific reason. Just because i

By librarirun,

Great BB tinted moisturizer for sensitive skin!!!
I've been using this for months - it is pricey but one of the best natural non-talc tinted moisturizers out there. I have super sensitive skin, and am also on dkr products - this stuff has given me no breakouts, no itching - nothing. No fragrance - if you can find a sephora to sample a shade - try this. For me, i wanted something to even out my skin tone, and it does just that. For $36 its worth it to have some light coverage with no breakouts. It is a tinted moisturizers, so its sheer but i al

By librarirun,

Great BB cream for sensitive skin
I'm surprised that no one has reviewed this BB cream yet! I've used it for over a week now (so not too long) but the days I have, this has been a great BB cream to help even skin tone - without making you itchy, cakey, or dry. It is light coverage, but I think it is buildable. I apply it with a damp sponge, and a little goes a long way. I've had NO breakouts - and the ingredients are almost 99% natural - so no talc etc.. and it does contain SPF. After washing this off my face (having it on for 8

By librarirun,

Best talc-free powder for sensitive skin AND controls shine
I have been on DK's regimen for six straight years. I have clear skin and still apply BP twice daily. However, I get a lot of shine all day with BP application - and THIS POWDER (I use sheer) is the only powder (I've tried all shine-control powders, talc and talc-free) that controls my BP shine all day. Even all summer in the humid south. NO JOKE. Also - it's the first makeup product I can wear consistently (have worn it for 3 months straight when at work M-F or if going out) and it does NOT c

By librarirun,

Best non-talc shine-free powder!
Best sheer powder I've found so far that is talc-free and $6. I love that it has no color to it - I've found some translucent powders (like physicians formula) aren't really translucent, but make you tan or orangey. Love this stuff. Do wish more came in a container, but I'm just going to buy two and spill them together into one. Just to add - I tabbed some of this powder on at 9AM just after getting to work - and it is now 3:55PM -- summer - and I have not ONCE had to blot my skin for oil or gre

By librarirun,

Great powder for shiny skin - talc-free.
I was looking to try a different powder that was similar to the Physician's Formula powders that are mineral-wear and talc-free. This one was one of the rare drugstore ones that I was able to find that was talc-free and also had some decent positive reviews on it. I've found that applying the powder with my beauty blender sponge produces the best application of the product and makes the "shine free" last a lot longer than applying it with a powder brush. I've used it alone and over l

By librarirun,

My Holy Grail foundation for acne-prone, sensitive skin
I have been on Dan's regimen and products since Jan 2010 - and have clear skin. I wanted a light foundation to help even out my skin tone from acne scars and melasma. I hunted down this foundation (not available in stores, it's been discontinued - CoverGirl makes a clean, but it's not specified specifically for "sensitive" skin anymore like the old bottles used to) - on the web to try. I got color classic ivory 210 - and found it was a perfect match for my skin tone (more yellow, not pink). I wa

By librarirun,

Be careful of their shelf life.
I've had some of these in my desk at work and at some knock off brands in my purse. I have used them in the past with no problems - and haven't used them frequently in some time. Yesterday or the day before, I used one of these from my drawer at the office - and then when I got home, I found that I had broke out with a cyst up on my forehead (I never, ever breakout on my forehead) and then about an hour later, another cyst on my chin. Two complete separate areas. The only thing I could think of

By librarirun,

I have been using this bar for 2 weeks now, and have had NO negative issues with my skin. Up until now (8 years) , I've only used Acne.org's cleanser because it was unscented and was easy to purchase with the Acne.org BP. However, I tend to go through cleanser more than BP because I workout and wash my face often - so the price to order cleanser with shipping and then wait time made me decide to find something I could buy local. I found this at my local Walgreens - it was $3.00 with tax - for 4

By librarirun,

Not great for my skin
I decided to try this after reading the reviews about how it's similar to Acne.org's cleanser, but Olay's should be less drying? I found after a few washes and a couple of days, it felt like it was leaving a film on my skin. I also started to get some small breakouts appearing (cheek area) so combining that with the "film" like feel, I'm not impressed. I did like that it had no scent at all and the consistency was great and foamed well. I don't think it was cleaning my skin/stripping the oils of

By librarirun,