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  1. Not identical to the Cerave PM facial moisturizer

    Just an FYI- i see a ton of ppl saying this is identical to the Cerave PM facial moisturizer-- it is not. The facial moisturizer has Niacinamide in the main first ingredients, which is an extremely beneficial vitamin for skin. I know a lot of folks like using this, but I recommend using moisturizers made specifically for the face--- on the face. This does not say its a facial moisturizer anywhere on the bottle, and i think Cerave created ones for the face for that specific reason. Just because i
  2. Great BB tinted moisturizer for sensitive skin!!!

    I've been using this for months - it is pricey but one of the best natural non-talc tinted moisturizers out there. I have super sensitive skin, and am also on dkr products - this stuff has given me no breakouts, no itching - nothing. No fragrance - if you can find a sephora to sample a shade - try this. For me, i wanted something to even out my skin tone, and it does just that. For $36 its worth it to have some light coverage with no breakouts. It is a tinted moisturizers, so its sheer but i al
  3. Great BB cream for sensitive skin

    I'm surprised that no one has reviewed this BB cream yet! I've used it for over a week now (so not too long) but the days I have, this has been a great BB cream to help even skin tone - without making you itchy, cakey, or dry. It is light coverage, but I think it is buildable. I apply it with a damp sponge, and a little goes a long way. I've had NO breakouts - and the ingredients are almost 99% natural - so no talc etc.. and it does contain SPF. After washing this off my face (having it on for 8
  4. Best talc-free powder for sensitive skin AND controls shine

    I have been on DK's regimen for six straight years. I have clear skin and still apply BP twice daily. However, I get a lot of shine all day with BP application - and THIS POWDER (I use sheer) is the only powder (I've tried all shine-control powders, talc and talc-free) that controls my BP shine all day. Even all summer in the humid south. NO JOKE. Also - it's the first makeup product I can wear consistently (have worn it for 3 months straight when at work M-F or if going out) and it does NOT c
  5. Best non-talc shine-free powder!

    Best sheer powder I've found so far that is talc-free and $6. I love that it has no color to it - I've found some translucent powders (like physicians formula) aren't really translucent, but make you tan or orangey. Love this stuff. Do wish more came in a container, but I'm just going to buy two and spill them together into one. Just to add - I tabbed some of this powder on at 9AM just after getting to work - and it is now 3:55PM -- summer - and I have not ONCE had to blot my skin for oil or gre
  6. My Holy Grail foundation for acne-prone, sensitive skin

    I have been on Dan's regimen and products since Jan 2010 - and have clear skin. I wanted a light foundation to help even out my skin tone from acne scars and melasma. I hunted down this foundation (not available in stores, it's been discontinued - CoverGirl makes a clean, but it's not specified specifically for "sensitive" skin anymore like the old bottles used to) - on the web to try. I got color classic ivory 210 - and found it was a perfect match for my skin tone (more yellow, not pink). I wa
  7. Be careful of their shelf life.

    I've had some of these in my desk at work and at some knock off brands in my purse. I have used them in the past with no problems - and haven't used them frequently in some time. Yesterday or the day before, I used one of these from my drawer at the office - and then when I got home, I found that I had broke out with a cyst up on my forehead (I never, ever breakout on my forehead) and then about an hour later, another cyst on my chin. Two complete separate areas. The only thing I could think of
  8. librarirun



    I have been using this bar for 2 weeks now, and have had NO negative issues with my skin. Up until now (8 years) , I've only used Acne.org's cleanser because it was unscented and was easy to purchase with the Acne.org BP. However, I tend to go through cleanser more than BP because I workout and wash my face often - so the price to order cleanser with shipping and then wait time made me decide to find something I could buy local. I found this at my local Walgreens - it was $3.00 with tax - for 4
  9. I'd like to bump this topic - mostly concerning the consistent price increase of all the acne.org products. I understand that as months/years go by, products take more money to make (inflation etc..) - however, I've been using Dan's products since 2008 and it's been recently that the prices have really started to go up. All are 16 oz bottle prices, starting my first use comparison: July 2008 Cleanser: $9.50 BP: $32.03 May 2013 (6 years no price change) Cleanser: $10.93 BP: $36.83
  10. Not great for my skin

    I decided to try this after reading the reviews about how it's similar to Acne.org's cleanser, but Olay's should be less drying? I found after a few washes and a couple of days, it felt like it was leaving a film on my skin. I also started to get some small breakouts appearing (cheek area) so combining that with the "film" like feel, I'm not impressed. I did like that it had no scent at all and the consistency was great and foamed well. I don't think it was cleaning my skin/stripping the oils of
  11. Hi there! First off - this thread got started because some people had some common issues with current batches of Dan's BP. The situation has came up before on the messageboard, where a batch was put out that was "too strong" for some people's skin - and Dan came on the board and straightened that problem out. Some people didn't have issues with the batch - but some people did. Now - this thread (a very similar topic) is raising the same questions - just to sort of put together some people who
  12. Hey Buffygirl2001 - Not sure if you are getting email notifications to this - but have you seen this thread ont he Acne.org Regimen products board? I am in the same boat as you - and I actually stumbled on another girl who posted the same sort of post - she has/had been using DKR products for a year and half - and now she's breaking out again. I'm in the same boat as well (been using them for over 2 years) - check out the thread and please comment if you can so we can figure out what we are d
  13. Hey Blondedancer10 - I am in the same exact boat as you - I've been using all DKR products for over 2 years now - and for the past year, I've been so up and down with breakouts (to the point where I started my own Acne log/blog on my computer with pictures to document it) - I went from being so clear for months and months on all DKR products (started June 2008) and now I've had the worst year EVER. I'd say I'd go maybe 2 weeks - and then get a breakout. Then it started to be less and less. I wa
  14. Hey all - I posted a reply about my skin being almost 100% clear - after using still the same batch 0105 (like in my previous posts) - I spoke too soon. I'm worse now than I was before. I have talked with my sister, who is also has been on the DKR regimen for as long as me (over 2 years) and I'm really starting to wonder what is going on here. I am obsessive about my skin - I do not wear makeup (at all) I do not use hair products, I don't touch my face, I change my pillowcases twice a week - I
  15. Hey all - I thought I would come back to update this - since opening a new bottle (from same batch 0105). Like I stated above - it definitely has a different consistency than the last bottle I used (that was from the same exact batch that I got shipped at the same time as all my bottles of BP) - and my skin has gotten a TON better. Not sure what was up with the previous 0105 bottle I used (16 oz BP) - but it was a lot thicker than this bottle - same batch - same shipment. The new bottle I opene