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  1. After washing my face with Cetaphil cleansing lotion for a month and then having to stop using it because it made my skin red and like it was burning everytime i used it. i thought id give jojoba and castor oil a go. I have been using it for about a week and i know its not very long but my skin feels and looks much better than it did when i was using cetaphil also my skin has cleared up i am on antibiotics too and have been for around 10weeks. When i looked up Jojoba oil on wikipedia this is wh
  2. I used cetaphill gentle cleanser twice daily for about a month, my skin (quite bad acne. On lymecylin and duac 5% whilst using cetaphil) became really sensitive each time i washed with this product my skin felt like it was burning also i got about 8 cysts which is something iv never had before after washing my face i put on the cetaphil moisturizing lotion which didnt agree with my skin too found it too heavy! I switched (still on lymecylin not using duac) to washing my face with NOW castor oil