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  1. i hear it's bad for your skin and then i hear it doesnt do anything to cause acne to your skin! whats the deal with this chocolate!?
  2. he gave me the lowest dosage to start...was it maybe because my body wasnt used to it and then after a while it would of gotten better? with my cholesteral? my derm doesnt really talk with me about this stuff so thats why im not really informed.
  3. my cholesteral was getting high because of the pill not because of what i was eating.
  4. i was on accutane for about a month. i had to stop because my cholesteral was getting really high so he took me off. after that i just hope in trying to cure my acne. i've tried everything . so many pills so many creams its so annoying! nothing works for me and i thought accutane was like the god of all acne killers! i give up.