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    Architecture, photography, music, I also like to cook...
  1. How are u Moppie? :)

    Stay well ;)

  2. I understand your frustration, but not washing your face will make it worse... try a gentle cleanser and see how that goes...
  3. its better and alot more effective to put the salilcylic acid under the moisturizer...
  4. Im glad I could amuse you. I thought I told you about my experience with a plant based diet? I ate a whole food diet with lots of raw greens, fruit, gluten free whole grains, legumes, olive oil, seeds etc. I also ate fish and chicken but some days were fully vegetarian. No red meat. The results where horrible, I developed IBS, an eating disorder, even more acne, panic attacks and some other issues. So please don't call me ignorant, I have been through some very rough times due to the fad tre
  5. they said it was casued by a massive dose of penicilin she took whe she was younger... wow that must be hard... Surely they must be able to reverse the side effects?
  6. hi, is your acne very bad.... Accutane scares me.... I know its juts medicine btu I've read some things about it and the side effects.... just be carefull and try to read alot about it.. I still wish you all sucess in this our neverending fight against acne...
  7. can you say junk food... had fries and fried chicken... it came with a side order of large cysts and immense pain from them... it took about 1 day for the cysts to develop after my oil splurge dinner...
  8. hi, I hope my few words can help you... 1. BP benzoyl peroxide doesnt stain clothes, it bleaches then out I mean white spots with appear on your clothes... sheets towel, basically everything ( I onyl use it in the nights, i have mostly white or cream sheets). 2. I'm not usre if you can become resistant to it... but i dont get that impression from my reading. 3.. I think it would be a good idea if you did wait a week or 2 before you start using BP, considering you were using something else. one
  9. so my question is... if i'm on the regimen. I should exfoliate?
  10. Faith is the substance of things not seen, the evidence of things hoped for... Prayer + Faith can save the world.... Moments like what you experience are really heart wrinching.... but I know you gained so much needed insigths, and came out a better person. May God always bless you...
  11. ok... so i've decided to try this liver flush.. did alot of reading and I'm ready... a few questions though... Is Epsoms salts bath crystals any different from Epsom Salts... Do I have to drink Apple juice every two hours like some people say? ok and I hope there isnt much pain... I'm quite nervous to do it...
  12. yeah I only use BP in the nights... cause I can but alot on and moisturize.. if Ido this during the day... I might get some weird stares.. using Neutrogena on the spot... you know when you swaet it turns white... so I kinda have been using it once a day and SA in the mornings.. seems to be working... I'm on week 6 or 8 there about... Just hold on to your regimen... apply gently and watch acne fade away.....