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  1. Ughh not worth it. Especially if you have sensitive skin. I've always hated BP.
  2. When I was on Differin there was no initial break out. You shouldn't just apply Differin to the lesions, apply it to the whole affected area of skin. That way you can prevent a whole lot of new pimples from popping up. And even if you do have a minor initial break out, stick with it! It took about three months for significant improvement to occur. I'm definately glad I tried it.
  3. whoa Germany, that's awesome.

    Well have fun

  4. I'm on Spironolactone and Minocycline, have been for at least a year. It's worked really well and I'm pretty happy with my skin at the moment. Next week, (going on holiday to celebrate end of school) I'll be drinking a lot, so I'm just wondering how alcohol will react with my meds... I've heard that drinking alcohol can 'inactivate' antibiotics like minocycline. Is this true? Do you think my skin will flare up again? Or maybe should I just not take them for a week?
  5. Differin worked really well on my skin, maybe you should give that a try? Just apply it every night after washing skin with a gentle cleanser. But you gotta give it at least three months. And if that doesn't show any improvement, definately consider antibiotics.
  6. Awesome! Driving is great fun, just be careful! I'm going to Germany tomorrow, woo! Other than that, not a whole lot, have a good birthday?

  7. thankies!

    yay I can get my license now =D

    so what's up with you?

  8. Happy birthday ms Jolie :)

  9. Ha ha, if I had a penny everytime I heard that....

  10. Angelina, huh?

    lol, thanks. :)

    Sorry to tell you what you must hear all the time, but you look like Johnny Depp :P

  11. You remind me of a young Angelina Jolie

  12. Yeah, if you have the right facial shape/ bone structure acne doesn't degrade that much from your appearance. Apparently Megan Fox has acne and she's pretty sexy.