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  1. thanks for your comment on my gallery photo. ;) it helps..

  2. whats yours story please..you have no details

  3. hey shaine..sorry about not posting any pics..i've been very busy..

  4. chama

    hi I still haven't heard anything from you..did I offend you somehow?

  5. chama

    thanks for your research into the stem cell thing in china. I have icepick and boxcar scars so I wonder it can help

  6. thanks a lot BRD! I had given up on finding any sort of usefull scar revision because its all so hit and miss. I think this may actually work on my scars. What do you think? Your opinion would me a lot to me. You are a good man to care so much even when you have perfect skin.! peace.
  7. I don't really shave much but i'll see what I can do. what about some photos of you, do you have scars?

  8. i don't really shave much, usually only with clippers but I'll see what I can do.

  9. yeah what the ..... is going on? is it a virus? it pretty rude. I want answers!
  10. chama


    I've had ten punch floats. No noticeable improvement, but some are worse. My opinion; its all too much down time for a vane self indulgence. I am going to play the hand I got. I'm trying to fix it with my mind. ;)