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  1. LOL, well it's a good thing you're nothing like him :P He's pretty weird, but then again everyone from Family Guy is haha. Lois is the only normal one, kind of.

    Have a nice day :)

  2. yeah quagmires funny as... its no reflection on me btw, hes just my fav character lol

  3. pahah sorry I was actually watching South Park. I meant Family Guy! giggity giggity

  4. its family guy by the way not south park lol

  5. I just wanted to see your avatar, lol. I loveee South Park <3

  6. ah, I'm looking for people from USA.. anyway, thanks!

  7. i hate it when people say it makes you a better person etc... it has'nt made me a better person, ots turned me into a total fucking loser, a poor excuse for a man, i HATE it!
  8. this whole laser business is really starting to fuck me off! one person says its alright, then the other says its a waste of time, then i got the bitch from the clinic telling me its the best thing for my skin problem. can someone, ANYONE give me an honest, straight forward answer! for cystic acne scarring which is quite deep and still has an underlying infection, will pixel be effective and worth while! surely there are some honest dermatologists that visit this site who can give me a striaght
  9. fuck me does noone reply to these things, i need to know about the pixel laser, am due to go for consultation very soon and i don't want to waste my money if i can help it!
  10. just quick question... i understand about the stem cell treatment for scars, all very straight forward and great etc... but what if you still have an active infection deep under the skin (cystic acne) in the area where the scarring is on your face? in my case i have a deep infection which i am currently still fighting and trying to get rid of with doxycycline. it seems to be de-congesting it underneath and it feels abit clearer (don't wanna jinx myself here cos everything else i have tried hasd
  11. i would'nt say anything, if acne manifested itself as a person somehow i would murder that person very slowly! i would lock them up somewhere and torture the fuck out of them until they died from the pain and suffering! i'd pull their fucking teeth out one by one, gauge out their eyes with a hot poker and break every single finger and toe with a hammer! i would get proper HOSTEL on their ass! that is how much i HATE acne for what it has done to me, if a person were responsible for it GOD help th
  12. I have very deep ice pick scars and other types caused by long years of cystic acne. i also suffer with bdd cos of this and i am very close to ending my life as i cannot bear to go on like this! anyway i want to get my face somewhere back to being normal again so its smoother and clear. i went to The Private Clinic in London to see what can be done and the lady recommended the pixel laser to even out the scars etc... i did'nt like her to be honest as i got the feeling all she wanted was to get m