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  1. http://www.itv.com/page.asp?partid=3203 Highlighted in bold...
  2. OK - I'm currently taking a variety of different supplements: flaxseed (linseed) oil capsules, the Boots burdock root tablets and occasionally a zinc and/or fish/cod liver oil supplement also. Just wondering if taking them together at the same time, or around the same time would affect how well they work, or if they could possibly interact with each other? Or would it be 'safe' to continue as I am doing and just take the whole lot at once ('with food', as recommended on the label). Thanks.
  3. OK, thanks. ) I've been taking this dosage since Friday, and will keep going on it. By the way, how long did it take for you to see improvements on this (also considering the effect B5 was having)?
  4. OK - got my shipment of these through today...1000mg capsules. Just wanted to ask - you said you took two everytime you took your B5 and then four before you went to bed - I take my B5 in four doses daily (not sure if you do the same?), so do you mean I need to take 12 a day (2x4 for the B5, plus the bedtime dose)? Just wondering if there's a risk of overdosing on these, or any nasty side effects - the label says only to take 2 a day (one capsule, twice a day). Thanks for your help.
  5. Will give this a go I think, thanks. Holland & Barrett have a 50%-off deal on Flaxseed Oil at the moment, so it has to be worth a try.
  6. Could you tell me where you were buying your B5 from, please? I'm still toying with the idea of changing brands and starting again if things continue to look bad after a while without the salicylic acid wash. )
  7. Thanks for the reply. ) Um, there's not really much different at all, as I say it's the manufacturer, same everything really. But: The ingredients for both are as follows: - Panthothenic Acid (Calcium Panthothenate) - Microcrystaline Cellulose - Magnesium Stearate However, the new batch I have also has Dicalcium Phosphate contained in it. I'm not sure if this extra ingredient could/would have any difference? Also, the new capsules are 500mg, the ones in the first pack that I was taking pre
  8. I'm still reading. My update, then: My acne is terrible, again. Seriously. It's as bad as it's been over the past few years, and certainly a lot worse than any other point since I've been on B5, which is now four months on 10g/day. It's not just a random breakout either, it's a definite shift in the state of my skin. I'm not really sure what happened. Things were steadily improving, not by as much as I'd hoped for, but month-by-month there was a definite improvement. Then I had to re-stock my
  9. Give it time. You'll probably break out from B5 a fair bit during the course of taking 10g a day, but I'm now in my fourth month and my skin has been gradually getting clearer month by month. Best of luck to you.
  10. OK - just got another batch of *slightly different* B5 (same manufacturer though) delivered to me yesterday, but, looking at the ingredients, it's slightly different to the one I was taking previously. The ingredients for both are as follows: - Panthothenic Acid (Calcium Panthothenate) - Microcrystaline Cellulose - Magnesium Stearate However, the new batch I have also has Dicalcium Phosphate contained in it. Does anybody know why this is in this batch and not in the last, and more important
  11. 1. I'm not sure it matters. I generally take mine somewhere around mealtime, but either before or after, doesn't seem to matter. Some people get an upset stomach if they take it on an empty stomach and don't eat for a while afterwards, but I can't say I have had this. 2. One biotin 1000ug capsule with every dose of B5 (10g) that you take throughout the day. One B5 Complex 100 daily. 3. Yes, but I wouldn't have thought there's much point. I tried Erythromycin and it did nothing for my acne, and
  12. I'm still checking this thread all the time. Keep meaning to give you an update on how I'm doing, but got a feeling I'll be here for a while typing, so will do it sometime over the next few days when I have a bit more time. Like CJB said, this thread has inspired and encouraged me a lot, so I'm going to keep reading it whatever.
  13. OK cool, thanks for all the help everyone. I've gone for the Biore option for now, worth testing I guess - it's the "Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser" - is this the same one that you meant, sarahulett and Dee? Fingers crossed I get some good results from it.
  14. OK -- I'm on B5 - but still need a really good facewash to treat my skin topically. I was using the Carleys natural soap for a while, and though that was good, and left my skin feeling really nice, I kinda got the feeling it was *too* mild, and wasn't helping suppress my acne at all like a more specifically acne-fighting facewash would. Before that, I was using the Clearasil Biactol Senstive facewash, and while I know Clearasil generally gets a bad rap from people on here, it did seem to have
  15. Thanks.. Just had a look though and the B5 at HealthReaction is manufactured by Saver Packs, which is the same brand I've been ordering from a site called vitaminuk.com. So you've seen good results with this type of B5 then? I'm guessing that if it's the best around I'll persist and order another batch and keep on the 10g for a couple of months more maybe, and at least will save some money ordering from HealthReaction. )
  16. Hi guys, I'm currently taking B5 and have been doing so for about 3 months. The thing is, I'm considering switching brand as I've heard that how effective it is varies dramatically between each brand. Plus, I have a feeling I'm paying way over the odds for mine at the moment - about £60 per 1000 550mg capsules. I was just wondering - for anybody who's in the UK and has seen some decent improvement with B5 - if they could recommend any websites or brands they've been using that are UK-based?
  17. I quit my tetracycline (was on it for about 10/11 months!) before I started with the B5. I'm hoping these breakouts I've been suffering at the moment, like I said, are the last of them - B5 was working OK until about one month into the course, when I starting getting what I'm guessing was the 'initial breakout' - which of course meant my skin pushing all the crap underneath up to the surface. I do think I'm getting less cysts than before, and I'm getting spots in places I never used to before
  18. Coming up to the end of my second full month on 10g/day B5 - breaking out perhaps worse than ever, and just as frequently. This sucks. I'm just praying this is the last of the breakouts.
  19. I ordered a pack of these from the Boots website last night. Fingers crossed.
  20. Can't say I noticed any initial breakout at all. Though I'm not sure that either Manuka or Emu oil is really having much benefit on my skin at all at the moment to be honest, certainly nothing like as much as I'd hoped for at least.
  21. I'm in my third month of 10g/day B5, taking B-Complex and Biotin daily also. Hair loss? Bowel problems? Depression? Any of the above nasty side effects? Nope. Clearer skin? Yes.
  22. I think the answer you're looking for here is 'neither'.
  23. Hi, I'm currently on my B5 treatment and was wondering if taking acidophilus probiotic capsules as well would interfere or interact with the B5 in any way? I'm not sure that it would, or how it would if it does, but just curious if anybody knows more about it than me really. Thanks.