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  1. what an interesting article! yes, I put sunscreen around my eyes/upper cheeks but need to get used to doing my whole face daily. Thanks so much it helps
  2. Tazorac has greatly helped my acne, I use it nightly and like the results even the dryness. I'm been worrying though about long term effects of this harsh product. My derm says since it is the strongest thing he prescribes for wrinkles, I'm only doing good. My facial therapist says it's too much to use while I'm young and will do damage over time. I keep hearing conflicting opinions and I don't know who to believe! Maybe I'll start weening down to every other night, I'm just afraid of breaking o
  3. I've had a recent aging-obsession thing after graduating from college. My acne is mild and under control from my medications but I'm worried I'm doing harm to my skin. I take minocyclin once a day (just went down from twice), a creamy foaming cleanser left over form accutane, and tazorac at night. I expressed my concerns to my derm but he dismissed them all saying they have no aging side effects, if anything the tazorac is helping with wrinkles. Recently i've noticed new dark ares and lines in t
  4. I'm on tazorac, use a creamy foaming cleanser (left over from when I had accutane) and take 100mg minocylcin twice a day. I've never minded dry skin, I prefer it anyday to acne. But I've been age-obessed lately and been worrying about my skin and that I need to moisturize. I have a light texture moisturizer prescribed by the derm, and I use it in spots, but I have this fear of putting it all over my face daily. My mind says lotion=oily=acne, and I need some convincing that it won't actaully brea
  5. are things like pepperoni, salami sausage bad for your skin? I recently been eating a lot of meat, are certain kinds worse then others, anybody know? thanks
  6. hey, I'm in a similar postion. I know my ance isnt horrible but it affects me on a daily basis, and is just so damn consistant. I had one course of accutane, clearing me up within weeks and stayed like that through the course, but came back after. my derm won't let me go back on, he says i'm not that bad (the days he sees me..) and I'm on the strongest stuff he can put me on (minocycline 100mg twice a day). i'm starting to scar and am emotional about it having a mid life crisis every day... any
  7. your first post is like reading my own thoughts i'm worried about scaring, even though i've become a more careful picker, so i'm starting a log. best of luck to you, to both of us
  8. picking has maybe led me to a scar on my check, it was bound to happen after years of picking almost daily but that doesn't mean I'm handling it well. it's been there for 2ish weeks, and my skin usually heals within a few days. should I call my derm to see if treating it early is best? or am i over-reacting and should just put aloe on it and wait? I know its not bad and its hard to see with this camera, you don't have to comment if you dont think it necessary maybe its like speeding, I didn't
  9. tazorac is good at clearing up what's already there, but doesnt help with new stuff that keeps coming. i'm just sick of not being able to do anything! anything outdoors = humidity = sweating = breaking out... foods, stress.. I just cant be in a closed environment my whole life. anyways thanks and i made an appointment tomorrow im actually hoping it looks bad enough tomorrow lol
  10. I'm currently on minocyclin BP wash and tazorac. I've had mildish acne forever with flare ups around my period. I took a course of accutane and it worked well very fast but came back. My derm says I'm not bad enough to go back on it.. but it's the only thing that's ever worked for me, and if I continue with this it's going to end up scarring even though I try not to pick. I almost want to make a print out of ll my worst days and show him what it's been like cause it never seems to be bad enough

  12. I'm on differin and the accutane face wash. i've tried docycycolin. I don't want to go through a trying things, having initial break out process, I want the thing I know that worked.
  13. I love everything about myself from head to toe, expect my skin. If I am clear I can accomplish anything and be the most confident person, when I break out my confidence and happiness go from 10 to 2. I took accutane and finished around July last summer. It cleared me fast (even by the second month I was getting no pimples anymore at all) with little side effects and bearable dryness. But after I was off what I kept calling the miracle drug I started breaking out again. Differen worked for a f
  14. im new on here just wanted to say hey hows it going. :)