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  1. Straight forward question. Does Accutane cure oily skin for good?
  2. can flakes contribute to breakouts? and would a lotion help since you are not really getting rid of the flakes but instead not making it visible.
  3. blueKT


    I've only started using it, so I thought it was just my skin getting use to the moisturizer?
  4. blueKT


    I've been using NeoStrata 8% Glycolic Acid moisturizer for about 1 week now and I've noticed it made my red marks more visible for like a couple of hours (4-6). Is this normal?
  5. Hey guys, I just started using NeoStrata 8% Glycolic Acid mositurizer with 15 SPF after cleansing my face with the NeoStrata 4% Glycolic Acid foaming gel. It seems that after applying the moisturizer, it makes my red and brown marks more visible. Is this normal if you are new to this regime?
  6. Clindoxyl is a combination of BP and Clindamycin. I have used Clindoxyl Gel for over a year now and it still makes my skin really dry in the winter months. I use it at night only, but I don't put any moisturizer on after. Occasionally, I'll use the gel as a spot treatment in the mornings, and in that case, I just wait for it to dry (about 2 minutes, max.) and then apply moisturizer as usual! Hope this helps. what moisturizer do u use? and how is ur skin looking?
  7. Hey guys, I have been on Clindoxyl Gel for about a year now and I do not suffer from any redness after applying it. However I started using a moisturizer (about a week now) called Neostrata 15 SPF (8% glycolic acid) because it was winter and my face would dry up. So, I would apply my clindoxyl gel then apply some moisturizer but after awhile my face would turn redish. I was wondering if it this things happen only temporary because I am new to this regime or it is recommended that I find ano
  8. Hey guys, I am currently using Clindoxyl Gel. I have a few questions: Since the skin gets dry after using it, do you apply a moisturizer? If so, how long after applying the Clindoxyl Gel do you apply the moisturizer? Also, how many times a day do you guys apply Clindoxyl Gel? Thanks for answering my questions