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  1. proactiv makes a really good toner that doesn't overdry the skin. It also exfoliates pretty well because of the glycolic acid in it. I would recommend that
  2. I have been researching for acne cures for so long. Finally I came across this board and followed the BP regimen, it worked but gave me bad discoloration. So I stopped doing that and went to a derm who put me on antibiotics and topical acne meds. Helped for a while until I could no longer afford. Well the things on my face came back twice as bad!! URGGHH!! Finally I went through most of the posts on this site until I came across the one that explained how pityrosporum folliculitis is usual
  3. Tracy21

    Lumitone hp

    yeah I saw the informecials and decided to buy to try it out. I mainly used it on my chest. It works but its just a slight improvement. I really saw a huge improvement after 2months of using it. It's an alright product, not really a miraculous product I would say....but its worth a try
  4. I am really happy with my results ...maybe that's why the cream was so expensive...like $100...I don't think any insurance covers bleaching creams...I think that's so unfair.. If they can cover acne medications...they should also cover bleaching creams..anyways..you know the saying.."you get what you paid for.." I think in this case..it's absolutely true...I think it's so expensive coz It works. I sacrified half of my paycheck so I can pay for this cream..I am not regretting it. Please pe
  5. I have had mine for like 3 years...and now they are fading so nicely...thanks to this product and Dan's regimen... ←
  6. Yes...absolutely...I haven't had any breakouts in over 3 months.....I really thinks it does..that's why I love this product! ←
  7. Well, it's used for melasma but my derm told me that it's the best for PIHP. She told me that it works better than LUSTRA AF...after all they all have 4% hydroquinone so they should work the same way. THe instructions on say only use it once...at bed time. And the instructions specifically state that just put a little bit on each red mark and don't put more than necessary because it doesn't really make a difference. I have been applying this cream religiously every night since I bought it
  8. I swear by this stuff. It was prescribed to me by my derm. I started using it at the end of june..now it's almost the end of july and I swear my red marks are 85% gone already. People are complementing me on how great I look... IF you have the money to buy this..and can get a prescription..go ahead and buy it..it's worth all the money. I bought mine for like...$98..I know its alot but I had to ..I couldn't bear to see my face w/out makeup. Now I can go out w/out makeup and feel good. When
  9. MY mom just told me that this product contains 4% hydroquinone, 10% glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid(which is supposed to be a moisturizing agent that is supposed relieve the irritation that is sometimes associated with hydroquinone use. Apparently you don't need a prescription anymore you can go to your local pharmacy and purchase it. It's about $60-$70 I am going for it...I mean what do I have to lose...I will let all of you know how it works. I am tired of all these scars...I don't fee
  10. I know about some of the side effects of hydroquinone, but right now I think it's worth the risk.. I want to use it only at night and only on the dark spots. So I wanted to know if I could still apply benzoyl peroxide then hydroquinone after a few minutes or so. Thanks for the warning though
  11. I am trying to get rid of my dark spots as quickly as possible. Yet I am scared that my acne will recur if I stop using the benzoyl peroxide. Can I use benzoyl peroxide together with 2% hydroquinone?? I am really desperate. I was thinking I could just apply the vanishing 10% benzoyl peroxide then after some minutes or hours then I could apply the 2% hydroquinone....what do I do???Please Help
  12. Neutrogena's new blackhead eliminating astrigent....Is this any good?? I know it has alcohol (which is bad) but It also has glycolic acid..which I need for my regimen. I just started using it so i don't know if this will work or not. Current skin care regimen: Morning...wash with aveeno foaming cleanser (.5%) salycilic acid followed by the aveeno daily brightening scrub (for exfoliating) then I use the Neutrogena Blackhead eliminating astrigent (containing .5% salycil