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  1. I am just curious if anyone actually read the possible side effects of this medication before taking it? Most of your symptoms are clearly listed in the possible side effects of isotretinoin. Should the pharmaceutical company be responsible for your side effects if you failed to read that they were possible? I knew exactly what i was getting in to when I started taking Accutane and would never consider suing Roche. It's like knowing good and well that you could be severely injured b
  2. I had really oily skin before I started taking Accutane. I would look like I dunked my head in a grease pit an hour after taking a shower. I have been off of Accutane for over a year with no relapse at all. My oil production has also remained in check. I would say I product the oil of a normal person now. My skin isn't completely dried up but I produce enough to prevent dry skin and my face feels supple and healthy now.
  3. After you finish this course try to maintain your skin with Retin-A or Retin-A micro. I have heard that the combo will give you amazing results. I just ordered some Retin-A to help with my scars and pigmentation left by years of acne. Good luck!
  4. Hi ActiveMama. First off I would leave your son on his current dose. The side effects aren't really avoidable. With my experience on Accutane most of the initial side effects vansihed after being on Accutane for a few weeks. As for petroleum jelly in the nose ... don't do it. Putting petroleum products in the sinus passages where the product can be breathed in can cause pneumonia. I recommend using saline gel nasal spray. I had to use the following products while on Accutane. Vas
  5. Solodyn was expensive as hell and didn't do a thing for my acne.
  6. Keep using it. The Retin-A probably cleared the superficial bumps/zits on your face initially and now the deeper cysts and pimples are coming out of your skin. I think it takes around 2-3 months for your face to purge. Don't give up hope!
  7. To be 100% honest with you when I was on Accutane I ate horrible foods and like a pig! The Doctor told me that Accutane needs to be taken with your largest meal of the day since Accutane is fat soluble so I would eat nuggets from McDonald's and any fatty junk I could. My acne was pretty severe. I had deep cysts and horrible nodules under my skin around my forehead and cheeks. Also around my jawline and ears. I expected to get an initial breakout but I didn't at all. My acne was cleared compl
  8. I finished my first course a while back. It hasn't been a year yet but my oil production has returned to about 50% of what it was before treatment. I get a small whitehead every now and then but it's gone in 24 hrs. My skin looks fake in certain areas because it's so smooth and clear. I don't have any lasting side effects or anything like that. It was the best decision I have ever made and if I do relapse I WILL be taking it again.
  9. I tried Differin "Adapalene" and it didn't do anything at all for me. I have the same things you have. They are completely harmless and are actually called cherry angioma's. Some of my eventually bled out, scabbed over and went away. I don't think it has anything to do with the Adapalene as I never used any on my body. Just my face.
  10. I finished an 8 month course of 60mg Accutane about 3 months ago. So far I haven't had a single breakout. The acne on my face is completely gone. However, I have started to break out pretty bad on my arms. It's mainly small red bumps and a lot of clogged pores. I have whiteheads all over my upper arms. The strange part is that before Accutane I never had any body acne at all. It was always just my face. Has anyone else experienced this? I am wondering if it will go away when I start prod
  11. I am not sure of the exact success rate but I have heard several different answers. I have read online that there is an 80% chance it will never return. 20% chance you will need a second course. My derm told me that she has been prescribing Accutane for 15 years and it has completely cured everyone she has ever given it to. I guess it just depends on how your body responds to it.
  12. Accutane isn't actually vitamin A. It's a derivative.
  13. I will most likely die before the age of 110. I think it's because I took Accutane.
  14. That is typical of any drug that has an initial reaction. Same thing happened to me. After a couple weeks all of the side effects vanished except for the dry skin. Good luck to you.
  15. I am very sorry to hear about your health problems. I know it must be awful. You feel like no one believes you and no one cares. I have been there before. Not because of Accutane but other health conditions. I really hope you start feeling better. I did wonder something though. It seems like people will literally blame every health problem they face on Accutane. Even if they took it 20 years ago. As we age we will all start to suffer from health problems even if we took Accutane or not. Don'