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  1. I'm used to go to a salon, and tan twice a month, as I am very ligth skinned. Now I have started using accutane, and so I heven't done it for a little over a month, and I miss it!! So I wanted to her what peoples experiences are? How much ones skin can take and so on?
  2. If I want to take this orally, how many times a day would you guys recommend? And should I start out with less, or just those 2-4 tablespoons all at once? Thx in advance
  3. Hey. I have moderat acne. Now its mostly minor whiteheads, alot of small blackheads, and red marks. I take tetracyclin, and normally I use a face wash, then a 15% gel from my doctor and a moistuziser. This I use both night and day. But my question is, should I also start using a skin tonic, and should I use this before of after the gel?
  4. Yes, Redap is topical. Its made by a norwegian company. Its used against blackheads, wich i have lot of on my nose. They are very small, but I can still see that it has helped on them.
  5. I started on Tetarcyclin and Redap. about the 1 first of April. I the begining i had two pretty big breakouts, but only one cyst, wich was my last. After that its been pretty much all good. Only some minor breakouits, but they've become smaller and smaller, and fewer and fewer. ATM, after 4½ month, i have a minor, 4 small zit, breakout on my frhead. Its the biggest i've had in a few months, and its going away oretty fast. By the ned of the week i think it'll be gone. I've post some pics in
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