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  1. From the album: What led me to tane

    I know God used this whole experience to break down my pride because last October, I asked Him to. As I was praying, I even saw a flash of what I would look like with severe acne and I remember saying, "No God! ANYTHING but that. I can't handle that." And I couldn't. I had to rely on Him 100% because in my own strength I wanted to never get out of bed. My worth was found in my looks. It was at my lowest point (I was actually suicidal) that I realized God's strength is made perfect in my weakness
  2. From the album: What led me to tane

    Before starting tane, I figured once I got clear my life would change dramatically. It hasn't. It's a blessing to feel NORMAL again, yes, but it's funny because I was certain as long as my skin was good, life would be grandeur. My looks do not determine how amazing my life is.
  3. From the album: What led me to tane

    My skin has been continuously healing. For those of you who wonder if your red marks will ever go away, yes, they will. Give them some time and MOISTURIZE. I even had little indentations in my skin I thought would never heal and they've filled in and continue to even out more and more as time passes. I am fortunate, so blessed, because my skin started to heal while I was on tane. My doctor told me this is pretty rare, so if it doesn't happen to you, don't dismay! The six months after your cour
  4. From the album: What led me to tane

    I just woke up, so bear with me. I'm sitting in front of a window to get the natural light effect. I actually darkened this picture so any sort of redness would appear. Right now, my cheeks are a little bit red and I still have some of my red marks but they're faded A LOT. Hardly noticeable. With make-up, they basically disappear.
  5. From the album: What led me to tane

    Natural light streaming in. I'll get a closer up shot tomorrow. But more or less, this is the skin. Tane is amazing. I still have some redness and two baby baby pimples (like the size of the tip of a pencil) that popped up for some odd reason...
  6. Who the heck is this idiot claiming Crazian is a fake? I was with him his entire journey. We conquered acne together. If this punk has a problem, he should take it up with me. I should show him my progress picks. He'd probably internally combust or something...
  7. Did you have any shallow scarring that healed as time progressed?
  8. Did your skin continually heal after being off tane? I'm only in month five right now, don't break out anymore, my red spots are fading and I do have shallow scars (?) Did you have any shallow spots that evened out/healed. Mine have progressively gotten better...
  9. Man, I wish I could help you out. I have been so blessed. My skin isn't really even dry any more. My lips aren't horrible either, they just crack in the corners if I forget aquaphor. It's like my skin got used to Tane or something. I don't get it. Just keep moisturizing and DRINKING water. Plenty of water. Did your skin get way better when you were in Japan? Mine did. It must have been from all of that humidity!
  10. Girl, get accutane. it changed my life. actually, I got my life back because of it. i wasted so much time trying to do everything but go on this medication and you know what? I could have saved myself A LOT of heartache by just going with it. Check out my log/my gallery to see the results I've gotten from it. I know where you are. Really, I do. Acne SUCKS. That's why I want you to so badly at least consider my advice.
  11. From the album: What led me to tane

    healing.... other side.
  12. cah-chow your beautiful! :redface: wowza! Thank you, kind sir:)
  13. Start of Month 4: Japan rocked my world. I am so going back. In like 6 months. I don't break out any more. I don't worry about my skin any more. I have now reentered the realms of normalcy. I just put on some Bare Minerals and cah-chow! I'm good. My skin is healing everyday, red spots, uneven areas, healing, healing, healing. Man, sometimes I even forget to take my medicine. This condition no longer rules my life. I am FRRREEEEEEEEEEeeeEEEe!!!! Praise God. The skin.
  15. Honestly, you are really quite good looking. I know exactly what you are going through. A few months ago my skin EXPLODED and I had red marks EVERYWHERE. You can check out my gallery if you want. Since then, I've gone on tane. Accutane has helped me sooooooooo much. Please, consider getting it, from one acne sufferer to another. It'll help you get back to feeling like YOU. I haven't had even the slightest regret going on it.
  16. Thank you for your comment! How are you doing???

    1. Thank you for your comments, love. They're really encouraging. When are you starting on tane? It is definitely worth your time. If I get an active now, it'll be SUPER small--like the tip of a pencil small. The only thing I'm dealing with is red marks. It sucks because my skin is pretty smooth, but I have marks all over so it probably looks like I still have acne. Oh well.

      And yea

      1. Hey! Thank you for your comments:)

        Tokyo is definately going to be sweet. How is your progress coming along?

        I don't know about you, but I fricken HATE red marks. And it's like some days they're worse than others, only I can't seem to figure out why...

        1. DUde, I'm going to be in Tokyo from July 11-27. Just to let you know. How crazy would that be if I somehow ran into you/met up with you? Congrats on your progress!
        2. My life has been going great!

          I'm going to Tokyo in 2.5 weeks, so preparing/raising money for that has been pretty much eating my summer.

          What have you been up to?