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  1. Who the heck is this idiot claiming Crazian is a fake? I was with him his entire journey. We conquered acne together. If this punk has a problem, he should take it up with me. I should show him my progress picks. He'd probably internally combust or something...
  2. Yeah as soon as alot of the redness cleared up I thought the scars stuck out..I think they were rolling scars..Anyways, the only thing I've put on my face since accutane has been emo oil so I don't know if thats what helped get rid of the scarring or if just time will do it alone

  3. Man, I wish I could help you out. I have been so blessed. My skin isn't really even dry any more. My lips aren't horrible either, they just crack in the corners if I forget aquaphor. It's like my skin got used to Tane or something. I don't get it. Just keep moisturizing and DRINKING water. Plenty of water. Did your skin get way better when you were in Japan? Mine did. It must have been from all of that humidity!
  4. Girl, get accutane. it changed my life. actually, I got my life back because of it. i wasted so much time trying to do everything but go on this medication and you know what? I could have saved myself A LOT of heartache by just going with it. Check out my log/my gallery to see the results I've gotten from it. I know where you are. Really, I do. Acne SUCKS. That's why I want you to so badly at least consider my advice.
  5. cah-chow your beautiful! :redface: wowza! Thank you, kind sir:)
  6. Start of Month 4: Japan rocked my world. I am so going back. In like 6 months. I don't break out any more. I don't worry about my skin any more. I have now reentered the realms of normalcy. I just put on some Bare Minerals and cah-chow! I'm good. My skin is healing everyday, red spots, uneven areas, healing, healing, healing. Man, sometimes I even forget to take my medicine. This condition no longer rules my life. I am FRRREEEEEEEEEEeeeEEEe!!!! Praise God. The skin.
  7. yooo.. i love accutane mayn. i don't get the red marks, but i get the dark brown spots. but i've been so good with not picking at my skin that i barely have them now. my skin is completely clear and i hope the results lasts after my 5 month course. i'm only ending month 2 now. =] how's japan!?

  8. Hey, thanks so much for the comment. I'm starting Accutane August 6... so yeah, I still have a while. I'm going to have lots of red marks, but I know that's nothing compared to actives. The wait is a pain, though xP

  9. Thank you for your comment! How are you doing???

  10. Thank you for your comments, love. They're really encouraging. When are you starting on tane? It is definitely worth your time. If I get an active now, it'll be SUPER small--like the tip of a pencil small. The only thing I'm dealing with is red marks. It sucks because my skin is pretty smooth, but I have marks all over so it probably looks like I still have acne. Oh well.

    And yea

  11. Hey! Thank you for your comments:)

    Tokyo is definately going to be sweet. How is your progress coming along?

    I don't know about you, but I fricken HATE red marks. And it's like some days they're worse than others, only I can't seem to figure out why...

  12. DUde, I'm going to be in Tokyo from July 11-27. Just to let you know. How crazy would that be if I somehow ran into you/met up with you? Congrats on your progress!
  13. heyheyhey! wow that's a coincidence...japan ey! i'm leaving for the philippines (and stopping in Japan) for some months. sad news is i'll probably have to end my log, but i sincerely wish that you get what you've been so patiently awaiting. by the way, you look incredible! there isn't a doubt in my mind that with your progress and your skin's capacity to heal so

  14. My life has been going great!

    I'm going to Tokyo in 2.5 weeks, so preparing/raising money for that has been pretty much eating my summer.

    What have you been up to?