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  1. This is such a ridiculous post. Do you actually know anything about Pharmaceuticals? Firstly, an acne cure better than others available on the market would be a huge money spinner for the company involved. As you said acne is a billion dollar industry, if they created a gel that could cure acne as well as accutane then they could charge a high price and everyone afflicted by acne would buy it. However, there are problems, off the top of my head I imagine it would be difficult to develop se
  2. 20mg wtttf. I got 80mg and I only weighed 140lb at the time.
  3. When you say no acne you really mean no acne, not even the smallest white head or red bump? Because I went on accutane for 4 months on 80mg perday, cleared me up great. Its been 7 months since I was on it, and I get really tiny zitz here and there sometimes.
  4. I just did a colon cleanse and it seems that it really did help me not break out
  5. I've noticed when I see my reflection of myself in carwindows my skin shows off every scar on my face lol, Im like ooomgg!
  6. Chill the fuck out lol. Everything will be fine and your acne will be gone and you'll love it.
  7. Wrongggggggggg. You've been conditioned ever since you were born to accept certain belief systems about life and reality. You're given the options of, this is all there is science "lifes a bitch and then you die" and thats it, or you have the choice to believe in some deity to worship so you can go to heaven and blah blah. Much much more to life then that. When you leave this reality, its not game over.
  8. It's not a conspiracy theory for business to want to make profit you turds. If you had a million dollar industry under your control, and one day all of it was gone, I'm pretttttyyy suurre you wouldn't be too happy about it. Think about all the skin care products, if everyone has flawless skin starting tommorow, all those companies would be bankrupt.
  9. I'm in the Canadian Forces, our army is a lot better then most people think. But yea I don't agree with whats going on in the middle east, I'm one of those tinfoil hat guys.
  10. I was on 80mg for 4 months. It cleared my face completely. I've been off accutane for 6 months. I'm left with scarring and minor red marks. I now get the occasional zit, but they are really really tiny.
  11. Fuck the United States army, the canadian forces is where its at