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  1. yep yep i bought mine in a health store, it's the one that u can use topically or consume/eat/drink too... 100% aloe vera in a bottle and u put it in the fridge once u open it ;P there's aloe chunks inside
  2. yes, even so, ask the person in the store... cuz that's what i did before i asked for B5 and the salesgirl said.. oh u mean panthothenic acid.. or google it to make sure ;P
  3. hey u can try any health store and ask for Panthothenic Acid (B5) ^^ like try the nutrition house or somethin like that.. or if not they can always order them in for u if they don't have it, some stores do that =) good luck
  4. try Pure and Simple Spa.. there's 2 locations: 27 Bellair Street, Toronto or 2375 Yonge Street Pure and Simple Gosh I use to know many
  5. what are these injections for tiredofzits? to kill the acne??
  6. do these concealers help prevent pimples too??? how about those clean and clear ones or neutrogena stick?
  7. thnx for the replies guys! but seriously never even heard of 'exposed'.. from the sound of it, it seems like their lots of probs ordering from that company and epiclear.. what is that? never heard.. will look into it
  8. hey guys, i was wondering if any of you guys tried this product called eXposed?? my friend heard that it's better than proactiv, and want to know if any of you guys tried it? my friend is desperate on trying out somethin new bcuz she went to her dermatologist and basically recommended her that brand ROC, but it made her face worse and broke her out soo much, her skin is oily and prone to blemishes and she also has ezcema ~~ here's some links: http://exposed.zoovy.com/category/howitworks http:/
  9. hey Antony, i totally believe in this kind of stuff, thank you for giving us suggestions on ways on how to change our diets etc.! i have modified my diet as well and notice that i've cleared up~ so i want to try your methods, like the fast & flush and keep you updated =P one thing though, the apples.. do they have to be organic? cuz my mom and i had an argument about how 'organic' stuff is bad for you =( and she won't let me buy them.. and as for the epsom salts.. i never knew u can consume
  10. ^why isn't AHAs allowed for sale in Canada?? is it bad for you or somethin?
  11. so what topical cream would be good for scars then? i have a raised scar and would like to know if there's such things as 'scar' gel
  12. ^thanks guys, i actually found all these in one store!! WOOT WOOT in hamilton called vita planet or somethin, i was so suprised, because it has always been there but i never really 'noticed' till now and i've been living in hamilton for quite awhile.. like 2 years maybe.. haha, i just noticed it recently when i was riding the bus and saw 'burts bees' outside the window and i decided to go in.. LOL it's close to my university too!?!?! omg!!!!! aah i'm such a crazy gal when it comes to natural stu