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  1. that aspect I understand but why does 1 website state they do not use infrared lighting for safty and what are peoples reviews regarding these 2 different sites.
  2. a little confused here into the laser thing but isnt infrred a good thing for treating acne and getting deeper in the skin? there are 2 sites Im looking at which are http://www.light-therapy-led.com/products.htm -- no infrared lights and theledman with contain infrared what is the difference as both have received good reviews?
  3. boxcar scars or usually deeper with more of a defined edge along the scra borders but i think It was more rolling scars. As of my my skin is about 75 percent level where I had the grafting and 1 is elevated slightly higher. I'm going back in the 24 for a follow up. I really wish this section had a listing of states and docs that did these types of scar revision. I'm in MN and he was the only doc I found that did this but im sure there is more. i just wish it wasnt so expensive.
  4. I had dermal grafting done here in MN on Monday for 3 scars 2 were a boxscar and 1 was a rolling scar. Currently there still red and a little bruised but level for the most part. I can actually feel the graft under my skin but it doesnt really protrude. Anybody else in MN have this done as it seemed really expensive just for 3 scars and probably having another session done. I paid about 1200 for the doc and 600 for the hospital fee.
  5. It simply boils down to whats popular and the money generated from more expensive treatments. Whats more commonly done? Wrinkles for which most lasers can help or acne scars? It going to be wrinkles without a doubt. Most surgeons and derms don't care to study about correcting scars because lets be honest, 9/10 people don't have severe acne scars and 100% of people will eventually develop wrinkles. It's sad but the true reality of it all.
  6. I have bought of 60g, 1 month ago , I apply it as they said to me in the laboratory, 3 times a day every day, The minimal period of treatment they are 7 months, and to see good results, it is necessary to wait more of 1 year. What type of scars do you have? My sister went to progresso, mexico and she was only there for 2 weeks and came back with her scars improving over 50%. She didn't have anything invasive done and had a downtime of maybe 2 days and she said her skin peeled but was never
  7. I leave next week on tuesday. Hope this turns out good like my sisters scars. Her face is still improving and her scars were deep and old. My scars are not as deep but overall I have all different types of acne scars. Something about this kitoscell that is causing her skin to regenerate and tighten lost tissue. She had 2 treatments over a course of 2 weeks and ill be looking at 3-4 hopefully.
  8. My sister just came back from mexico and her scarring was very deep n her neck and temple. She had some sort of abrasion done with maybe 2 days downtime and was told to use kitoscell afterwards. she ended up getting 2 treatments and when I seen her I was in awe at her improvement. I mean literally 50% + in almost all of her atrophic scarring. I will be going down there next week for the same procedure and will post back.
  9. who know's to be honest but why have it come out of 2 tubes and just make it a single tube. there needs to be a thread for people that bought this stuff on how to apply it correctly because the video just sucks. honestly a pro make up artist could pull this off but not your average joe. GL people
  10. I just got mine today, and while I do agree with some of the above, I think this product will work right on some scars if applied right. First, I found right from the start I will not use their applicator because it is wasteful and just stupid, you end up with too much and it does dry very fast. You only a need the amount you could put on a toothpick really for each scar so that is what you should use or the smudge end of a pencil eyeliner, that is what I'm using. This way you just unlock t
  11. Do not buy this crap. Sorry, but I did out of impulse and it is not worth 89$. The kit comes with these applicator tips that waste 90% of the product because it dries so quick. Also without the mixing applicator tip[ the stuff is garbage and will not mix right which will leave a sticky residue that does not work. if you attempt to put this o a rolling scars it will look 10x worse. if you screw up once on this then your stuck pretty much the whole day with worse off looking skin until the produc
  12. links to this? It looks like the one from topix from how you describe it
  13. Thanks for the help girls and guys. I just ended up ordering from both joppa and EDM and getting like 8 different colors and samples to see what would actually work.