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  1. use Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets, comes in packs of 50, around 4-5 dollars and you'll use maybe 2, at most 3 at a time...should rid of all the excess oil without stripping your skin. you can also get more expensive high end stuff at department stores (although they work less effectively, they always come in a nice case and leaves a powdered matte finish). If you're a guy, hard to carry around the absorbing sheets, but i try to flatten them and put them in my wallet (gets pretty flat af
  2. sorry that the regimen didn't work for you... If you're a female, why don't you talk about birth control pills with your doctor as opposed to accutane. most of my female friends cleared up greatly with birth control pills. Accutane isn't a long term treatment.
  3. diet is usually a very small factor when it comes to the quality of your skin. yes, it CAN affect it, but a proper moisturizer can counter the effects of a poor diet easily. You're young...you work out (I lifted weights a lot in my early 20's too). The testosterone that results from the weight lifting is contributing to your acne problem, but honestly, not by much. You prob have more testosterone to begin with, so quitting lifting isn't going to help. Also, sweat glands and sebaceous glands (wh
  4. The most important thing I've learned over the past 4 years of doing the regimen (I'm completely clear by the way, except the minor breakout once a month or so) is finding what works for YOU. For instance, I just wash my face like a normal person with two hands, although I don't scrub hard, just sort of glide over my face. Dan gives you the MOST gentle methods, but I found them unrealistic/too time consuming for my taste. I would use Dan's regimen as a guideline...think of it as an Outline befo
  5. of course! the regimen is WAY more potent as an acne fighter than food/alcohol. As far as food...it has to be long term in order to change the way your body produces hormones and such. One day eating fast food will NOT affect how your body functions....eating fast food 5 days a week will. Either way, just follow the regimen religiously and you'll be fine, I've been clear for nearly 4 years now thanks to it.
  6. The way I look at it is....you should always put BP on at night...there really isn't a reason not to. I've used Dan's regimen for YEARS now and I only put BP on at nighttime now. You can go through some tingling/redness/oily face at night because well...you're not going out or doing anything! This pertains especially if you're JUST starting out. Don't take out the evening portion, it only helps with your clear-face-mission. If you must, must reduce it would probably be easier to take out the
  7. the reason your face gets oily a few hours after washing is because your skin has been stripped of all natural oils. your body will think "oh no....my face doesn't have oil" and it will produce oil (the natural oils are natural protectants for your face). also the rubbing and chemicals in face washes and soaps will irritate your skin, causing further oil production I def recommend using a moisturizer and then use some sort of blotting tissue or oil wipe to get rid of the excess oil without irri
  8. Most likely you're allergic to BP. You need to stay away from Dan's BP. Now when exposed to a cut on your skin (most likely a pimple) something activated your immune system....either the actual BP, but it could just as easily be a random ingredient that dan uses.... I would try an alternative brand first , like the neutrogena 2.5% one. try that. I'm a medical student, so not a doctor yet, so my advice isn't "official", but lets just say this WOULD be the course of action I would do myself. If
  9. It is true that your body can't get "used" to BP. I'm a med student so I'll share a little insight for you guys. Things like BP, or Purell (the antimicrobial gel) and alcohol (which is main ingredient of Purell) kill germs by lysing(scientific way of saying, "making them explode by poking holes in them"). In a sense...you can NEVER gain resistance to them (so use them without worry). Antibiotics and antibacterial lotions/soaps on the other hand, don't work this way, they contain antibiotic mole
  10. Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets...or if you have a target in your area, they sell their target brand with more sheets per box and cheaper...its about 4 bucks for 70 sheets. use a couple of those throughout the day. I have oily skin after the regimen too....it'll be a lifesaver. its bothersome, but you gotta do it. keep it in your wallet/purse.
  11. possibly change your moisturizer? not everyone responds to cetaphil moisturizer well....I personally broke out on my forehead (which i never have before and haven't since i stopped)....I would honestly spend the extra money and get dan's stuff shipped over here in a batch that would last you a good 6 months or so. so you save the most on shipping.....or have a friend that travels between the states and australia to bring some over?
  12. your extreme oily skin soon after you wash your face is actually caused by the extreme DRYness of your skin and your body's reaction to correct that situation, which can lead to clogged pore (increased oil production and irritation). Everyone should use some type of moisturizer....it won't hurt for 99% of the population and will help most of them. if you use BP, def use a moisturizer regardless how you feel. Also, in response to an above comment....your face doesn't get dependent on the BP. B
  13. I've used dan's stuff for a good 4-5 years now....and it has been the only thing in my life that has kept me consistently clear....love the stuff.... That being said. after about 4 years...i just got tired of using it in the morning and the fact that it would bleach my clothes. so in the morning I just used the cleanser and put on the moisturizer with jojoba oil RIGHT after i washed my face and did the entire regimen at night. so I reduced my applications by half. I am able to keep acne at bay
  14. be sure to use jojoba oil in dan's moisturizer. and use a LOT of the moisturizer. also apply dan's BP RIGHT after you wash your face, I know that goes against what he says, but as a medical student I can tell you the skin loses the most moisture and becomes super super super irritated within the first minute or so after you wash your face. applying the gel BP traps some of the moisture. Dan tells people to wait because this is also the time when your skin is the most sensitive, so granted this m
  15. I know how you feel, the gym/sweating are not friends of the regimen... Honestly, in your case, I wouldn't actually WASH my face before the workout, just do the regimen after the workout....then at work if you sweat, oh well, can't do anything about that, just reapply dan's lotion as often as you feel. I would just continue to apply the lotion throughout the day. the BP doesn't need to continously be on your face in order for you to prevent breakouts. I'm almost sure BP does its magic within t