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    football, soccer, poker, gambling in general, drinking, chilling, studying when neccessary, you know. <br />
  1. clearmeup your clearly a faggot.. honestly.. hop of lil waynes dick he doesnt give a shit about you! LOL he influenced you to lean?? how old are you 14? you sound so retarded right now im suprised your parents give you access to the internet... i feel sorry for them. thats all. your a internet thug by the way. oh yeah u guys dont know hip hop thinkin lil wayne is the best lol...
  2. do not do not do not use a topical on accutane unless you want to be crusy all over your face 24/7 !! accutane is such a strong drug just let it do its thing it doesnt need help.. your skin is gonna become very sensitive and if you use a topical if anything you'll just be hurting your skin.. when you get the IB on accutane DONT USE ANYTHING!! it'll go away in time trust me..
  3. its as simple as this.. just quit smoking.. geez.. what do you want more clean skin or bad lungs?
  4. being depressed about your skin isnt gonna help matters, if anything its just gonna stress you out and make you break out more.. i understand your frusteration when it comes to acne but just know its a phase, and you'll get through it.. there worse things in life
  5. iight so i was on accutane for 6 months started off on 60 mg and stayed on it my whole course. I had severe acne.. i mean acne on forhead, cheecks, chin, etc.. i was cleared up by month 2 and it stayed that way the whole course.. im basically acne free now except for some leftover red marks and a few small scars.. but they'll fade in time in not trippin about it.. but atleast no acne but yeah if anyone has doubts about trying accutane, dont. its probaly the best decision of my life hopefully
  6. u can drink on accutane as long as its in moderation.. but prepare to have a worse hangover in the morning!
  7. whoever said masturbating casues acne is retarded and its comletely false.. masturbating is the same thing as having sex... does sex cause acne? didnt think so.
  8. hmm, interesting, but that seems to address problems relating more to muscle pain and weakness than joint pain/ache. i'm wondering about arthritis-related medications. some of them seem to have potentially crappy side effects though. not sure it'd be worth it.....
  9. im not a gurl so i dont know the formalities and the 30 day waiting period but the best advice i can give you is dont get pregnant whatever you do and you'll be cool. good luck :cool:
  10. not really.. you might not be moisturizing your face enough.. i use cetephanil moisturizer 2-3 times a day.. keeps my from drying up and its good for your skin anyways..
  11. ummm.. 7 weeks? your barely into month 2.. CALM DOWN... its gonna take awhile.. and if anything prepare for your redmarks to get worse while on tane not better
  12. hell yeah i feel uglier when im high lol who doesnt.. your high.. your eyes are bloodshot and you feel uncordinated and goofy.. as for being drunk i feel greaaaaaaaaaaaat.. i think im more relaxed and confident when im drunk so i feel better about myself
  13. im always tired since tane... i usually get in a good like 10-12 hours of sleep and a couple hours after i wake up im in need of a nap... lazy me