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  1. I just stumbled across this post today. I have been taking Now Boswellin with Curcumin (from tumeric) to lessen general inflammation. It helps tremendously with all kinds of things like aches and pains and migraines (for me.) They also make it in a topical cream formula. I used to occasionally use an aspirin/honey mask, so I thought to myself, hmm... that works because it reduces inflammation, so why not try adding the Boswellin/Curcumin instead of the aspirin to my raw honey. I did and
  2. I think deleting posts is a very bad policy and I don't like to see that happen. I will say that even though that I posted a number of extremely critical posts on the forum, and none of them were ever deleted. I did read about the Slovakia thing on the Yahoo EM group... and the person who posted about the incident there opened their post with something like "They're all a bunch of crooks"... So if what was deleted was unfair, inflammatory, misleading, destructive... then I could somewhat un
  3. Do you realize that the dozens and dozens of order problems were mainly from the launch special when they received and shipping something like over 40,000 orders? It kind of puts things in perspective. As I understand it, they have had a lot of bogus emails (and even some posts) with people trying to take advantage of the situation while they are vulnerable - either to get free reshipments or worse, to interfere with their business operations and further harm their excellent reputation. It
  4. That is so true Wynne! In my experience hanging around the EDM boards way too much... there are very few true cools and a whole lot of people who have red in their faces because of acne/scarring and/or irritating products who are not cools but think they are because of the redness. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see the cools leading the way in this poll - especially on this particular site. Not to say that some aren't actually cool toned in their neck and chest etc... but if
  5. I haven't been back since the other night. Have you already checked out Molly? I haven't tried it yet, but I've read some mixed reviews about the pearl mint concealers. A lot of people said it has a very strong sheen that can show through your foundation and look weird if you only put it on spots. A few women liked it though and said if they applied it all over it neutralized the redness pretty well and reflected light better. Do you already have a sample of the regular mint?
  6. Molly - very often, women who have a significant amount of redness in there faces mistakenly think they are cools because it looks pink. While there are some true cools, most I think do not truly have pink undertones. I don't think you're a cool, and that's why you had so much difficulty. (One reason anyway.) It is easiest to tell what your undertones are if you apply whatever EM foundation you have - heavy enough so it you can tell you have it on, and then take some pictures in natural da
  7. InRepair - I took a look at your photos, and it may be my monitor or the camera or something, but I don't see pink in your neck. Have you tried any of the Buff foundations? Those are very neutral.
  8. I agree that the new site thing has been a disaster. I still prefer the old one. But the cart is working well for me now. I still haven't tried checking out. I hope the shipping problems are fixed. If not, you can email your order to customer service and they will send you an invoice with the amount and you can pay it through paypal and email them the receipt. The special right now is 20% off plus a free full size blush, so I am definitely placing an order by June 10th. The code is in the
  9. I just had to delurk too just to say that is an extremely accurate description of EM's matte formula. It really has a lovely finish. It's by far my favorite. I also wanted to mention that the EM forum is back up and has a message from Carina: new EM forum They have $50 Super Custom Full Size Kits now in which you get to choose 12 full size products including brushes and pressed powders. With the discount and free full size blush you can get 13 full size products for $40!! I have
  10. I also take a lot of sea salt baths, and that always helps my skin tremendously. You can usually buy bulk sea salt at a health food store. I buy it in 50 lb bags.
  11. You look stunning. I wouldn't change a thing.
  12. Well this is too late since you've already gone on your cruise, but I was going to recommend spending a LOT of time swimming in the ocean. That always clears up all my skin problems.
  13. Thanks for posting this. About ten years ago I tried a salicylic acid product recommended by Paula Begoun. I had a terrible reaction and my skin became extremely red and peeling. I returned the product to the store. I wrongly assumed my awful reaction was because of the salicylic acid. Instead I ended up using ProActiv and then Acne Free for many years. It cleared up my skin, but gave me chronic redness and skin damage. About a year ago I tried a homemade aspirin toner made with 2 or 3 ou