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  1. Hi, i recently came across the Kalme skincare range which uses capers (amongst other things) as the main ingredient for tackling acne/rosacea. Already after only a few days use my skin feels so much better, less inflamed and fewer acne outbrakes. Previously i was using pyratine xr lotion which has helped a lot too but its really expensive (£80) and Kalme seems to be doing a better job. Couple with this the fact i can get the cleanser night cream and daily cream with spf for under £50 with free d
  2. SGA or Permanent Pimple Removal in progress:
  3. Further to the above post, this place in Australia is offering Sebaceous Gland Ablation (SGA) http://www.clearskin..._treatments.php
  4. Not familiar with that one mate but i know the waterman purifies as well as acidifies the water. Definately worth £40!!
  5. The best tip i can pass on to you guys thats worked fantasticly well for me (for acne/red marks) is taking cooler showers! They dont have to be freezing cold but the cooler the better. I feel that hot showers raise the surface level temperature of your skin which in turn increases inflammation which in turn increases oil production and therefore acne. At night-time i simply wash my face with cold water after exfoliating my nose and forehead gently. Give it a go for a couple of months an
  6. http://www.rosadyn.com/ Everywhere i have read it has been getting rave reviews... im really tempted to give it a try!
  7. Just thought i would let you guys know about a product (eucerin anti redness day fluid) that i started using to help with my mild rosacea but which has also helped disguise the big pores on my nose! Somehow the product just covers the pores and gives your skin a matte finnish but it is non- comedogenic so shouldnt break you out! It isnt the best moisturizer as it is pretty light but it does have spf 15, i use cetaphil and this product together and it works great for me. Check it out! http://
  8. yes and i already have, there is no conspiracy, accutane stops accutane, fact.
  9. there are no quick fixes when it comes to your skin believe me... the best thing i ever did was to go on accutane, im only sorry i waited until i was 25! I did 4 months on 40mg and 2 months on 80mg and the only annoying thing was the dryness of my lips and inside of my nose whilst on 80mg... but i can put up with that for clear skin in the long run... you can keep buying these so-called "miracle cures" like proactive or have treatments like ipl (which i have had about 8 times and did nothing)
  10. after 2 weeks i was back to work and after 3 weeks pretty much back to normal except from under eyes which took a little longer for the redness to go down... If anybody does go through with this procedure you need to keep well moisturized for the first 5 days at least as you may scab over and scar... use a lot of vasoline and/or aloe vera gel... its now 9 weeks post my 2nd vbeam and improvment i would say is about 60-70% so im pretty impressed overall with the results. skin is clearer scars a
  11. yeah thanks a lot dudley, i have read a few of your posts and i think you give some good advice!
  12. I have been looking at fraxel repair for a while now as the next stage for treating my skin (mild scarring discolouration) and found this video which I thought was pretty neat at showing what it is capable of! also does anybody know where i can get fraxel repair in the UK and what the prices might be, im thinking £2500-£3500??? cheers.
  13. pre-treatment i had some red lesions/blemishes that had been bothering me for 10 years or so.. the main ones that bothered me are gone completely now which im really happy about and i would say overall there is a 50-60 improvement in my skin redness. I also had some small veins under my eyes hit and they are still healing cause like i said before i did not apply vaseline right away and got scabbing. But they are healing and should be fine in a few weeks... Im still not 100% happy at the momen